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Well, that looks pretty cool. Never read A Wrinkle in Time, but I am still surprised I didn’t catch news of this before now.

I wouldn’t even say polarised. Uniform opinion seems to be that it’s visually stunning, but with a bit of a turd of a story. It’s just that some people are fine with that, and some people aren’t.

Personally, I think that those franco-belgian sci-fi stories often have thin stories, but some great concepts and fantastic art. So if that’s what the movie is like, I’m fine with that.


Yeah, not funny at all. Kind of a shame really. With that title, it shouldn’t have been all that hard to make a funny movie.


Honestly, I think it would have been rather difficult


If those were the funniest bits from the movie, it is going to be quite bad.


I genuinely don’t “get” the trailer. I don’t get the mix of scifi and fairy tale, don’t get why everyone looks like that, don’t get the concept really except; kids have to rescue their dad.

I’ve heard of the book, it’s supposed to be great so, I hope the movie is too.


The only wrinkle in Time trailer I’ve seen is the one for the TV-movie from the 90’s I think.

Please correct me if I’m wrong but the general plot is that their dad gets sucked into a computer and they have to save him from some demon because…fantasy computer stuff


I haven’t read the book proper, but I got the comic adaptation Hope Larson did, which was pretty good.


I read it back in elementary school in the late 70s. I do remember the scene with the suburbs. That’s about it.


It was written in 1963, so that would have been pretty forward-thinking. :slight_smile:


Pft. You say that because you are not a child of the eighties.


Yeah, me neither. But it looks like it’d be fun to find out what the hell is going on.


It looked like a mix of ‘Tomorrowland’ and a Tim Burton film…


Which doesn’t necessarily sound like a bad thing!

It’s definitely a Disney movie though, visually. No doubt about that.


Whoopi Goldberg Wants Disney to Bring Back ‘Song of the South’ to Start Conversation About Controversial 1946 Film


Whoopi is very open about not hiding away stuff like that.
Like when she called out BLM activists trying to cash in on War for the Planet of the Apes.



I hadn’t realised that Bautista is playing a character from a scene written for the first film. It’s a bit a of legend.

Obviously SPOILERS!


So what do we think - is Ford’s “we were being hunted” line a confirmation or just a big tease? :slight_smile:


The general plot is:

Dad creates a stardrive. Extraterrestrial invaders notice and kidnap dad. Ructions ensue. Kids to the rescue.


There are some possible interpretations of that line given the original movie and it may be intentionally misdirecting to give the trailer an extra WTF? moment.