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Rather polarized so far



I just saw that my local cinema has scheduled one screening of this - on August 29. Brilliant. :smile:


The fuck!?!!!


I’m not surprised by this. In fact I’d be a bit disappointed if it wasn’t polarising opinion.


A facebook friend wrote this!


Tarantino doing a film about real people who really died seems like it could be a bit too tasteless.


Definitely, I don’t think his current sense of style and aesthetic works for a true crime film.


I assume that this will be similar to Summer of Sam, and deal with fictional characters during real events.


Even so, I agree that Tarantino doesn’t seem like someone with the sensitivity to pull this kind of thing off.



That’s more speculative fiction.


Hitler was a real person, yes?


Aye but the Basterds were not.

Unlike the Mansons and Sharon Tate


Yes but

real people who really died

Doesn’t specify the killers to be fictional.


Yes, but your example opened you up to parried by the fact that the circumstance used was fictional.



I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this new Tarantino movie is also going to be fictional.


That’d work.

In any case, Shia needs to play Manson right?


I think he’s a very good writer and director, but I remain unconvinced that this is a good idea.