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Exactly and Smith has already made a clone of himself. :wink:


Probably his Fresh Prince hi-top fade


His less talented clone.


He’s can be a bit annoying but he’s done some good work. I liked him in The Get Down as I thought it played to his strengths like Fresh Prince of Bel Air played to Will’s. Plus he’s a kid growing up in the spotlight. So I’m willing to give him some room to figure it out.


Yeah, his character in the Get Down really did play to his angle on things. I wouldn’t count him out yet.



I’m sure that whatever box office Fury had was damaged with it being leaked during the Sony hack. I think it happened while it was still playing in cinemas, right?


It was, but how many (otherwise paying) customers opted to download the film is impossible to know for sure.

As I said; it did fine. $68M budget, $211m global box office. For a pretty harsh and very serious war film, that’s not bad going.


Well that trailer for an uplifting story of a man having to choose between his career in a capitalist workplace and his family/sick son certainly bored me to tears.

Also, I feel like I have seen the movie after watching that trailer.


This is a fascinating video about the use of accents in movies and television:


How dare this video accuse Keanu Reeves’ british accent of not being flawless?


Exclusive: Director Reginald Hudlin talks “Boomerang” 25 Years Later, “Marshall,” and More


I’ve come to the conclusion that Michael Fassbender should only play Irish characters from now on.

Maybe German as well (I can’t judge his accent when he switches languages).


When he speaks German in an interview, there is a very heavy English accent. In Inglorious Bastards and First Class, it’s there but hardly noticeable, so I expect they worked a lot on getting those few sentences right. The only thing out of place in IG are the "r"s really.



No wonder it’s a classic


I always wondered whether Mel Brooks had actually seen Star Wars, because Spaceballs seems more like a parody made by someone who has only seen the trailers or been told the gist of what Star Wars is about and wasn’t very interested beyond that.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t only the cinematographer who fell asleep watching it, but also Mel himself.


No wonder it’s a classic 2: the search for more likes


Talking about 'Dunkirk to co-workers from outside the UK.

They’re unfamiliar with the story and when I started to answer their questions they suddenly decided they didn’t want any spoilers.

So maybe Nolan is onto something afterall?