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I’m in love already


I forgot that hadn’t come out yet.

For those who don’t remember, there were stories at the end of last year about the extensive reshoots, with a new director and several new main characters.


I wonder if the “it’s a fun wild adventure” tone was part of the reshoots.


Yep it’s been knocking around for ages.

I don’t expect greatness, but I’ll take some jokes and spectacle. ‘2012’ for example, was only half that, really it was bloody miserable and dour. This looks like a lot more fun.


Hell, I’d watch the movie based solely on “Marry her”.

2012 was a very sarcastic and inelegant disaster movie in essence.
This, if we can trust the trailer, looks to be more of a classical mold in this genre.


I think Devlin was always the one with the sense of humour in the Emmerich/Devlin partnership.


I place all of Resurgence’s faults in the fact that it wasn’t just Devlin handling the script…
When the credits rolled and it was his name muddled with like 6 others, I had this epiphany of Oh that explains it/.

So yeah I agreed.


This is an interesting phenomenon in filmmaking, too. A friend pitched a comedy to the studios a few years ago about a weatherman who gets the power to control the weather. It was really along the lines of BRUCE ALMIGHTY or GROUNDHOG DAY as a kind of “genie out of the bottle” story that they liked, but because it was the same year Katrina hit, they were reluctant to consider it reasoning that people wouldn’t want to see a comedy about weather disasters.

Of course, what they don’t consider is that the movie wouldn’t have hit theaters or television for a year, at least, by which time people would be ready for disaster movies again. I mean, think of all the popcorn action movies since 9/11 that have had skyscrapers collapsing in them.



This looks kind of awesome:


Another Blomkamp short, a short one:


Okay, I liked that one.


As the article says, early estimates, but it’s encouraging that it’s tracking at all. I’m still not sure how big an audience there is for this film, but clearly one (of whatever size) exists.


I was initially thinking the same but the more I’ve thought about it, the more I can’t think of a big budget war (actual war, not something on the fringes, but even they have a strong history and usually smaller budget) film bombing.

Fury, perhaps? I think it did okay, not sure.

Above pun unintended by the way.


‘Fury’ did very well for it’s budget, but i think ‘Dunkirk’ probably cost a lot more.


I posted a teaser trailer of it a couple weeks ago from an article talking about how good it is.


I like it when indie films is a fun central gimmick seem to stay fun.


It seems like another Ang Lee movie that could be more of a tech demo than a story, but I hope it’s good.

Do we need this technology though? I’ve always been fine buying that two actors are playing the same character at different ages so long as the performances are good.


People are usually fine with it, expect when they’re not. At least this way it wont involve those conversations. :confused:

Smith has actually aged well, it’s not like he’s identical to his Fresh Prince self, but he’s not got that many lines and wrinkles yet, so it’ll be interesting to see what they decide to do with de-aging him, and/or making him older for contrast.