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Worth it for the techno remix of him flipping out at the lighting guy


To be fair, that script would have made Tom Hanks stressed enough to lose it with a lighting guy.


Adds another Avatar sequel to the slate?


Much like the Alien(s) franchise, the third one is the best. :wink:



Hahah, damn you Ronnie.

You’re making Alien3 sound bad :wink:


I know it’s not the popular opinion but those are my favorite in the respective series. :wink:


And people give me shit for liking Predators!


Predators was ok.

Needed more Eric Foreman.


I’m so taking this out of context when the time is right.


@RonnieM … You don’t know what you’re saying. Stop Making @kandorlives look reasonable by comparison :wink:

I read that as “Needed more Eric Morcambe”.


This is true of everything.


Liking Predators is fine. It’s disliking Predator that’s the violation of normal, human decency.


That would be AMAZING!


Alien Covenant Blu-Ray will come with 17 minutes of deleted scenes.

The fan-edits will be great.


The comic is great; I hope the movie is good.

Apparently the live-action adaptation of Stevenson et al’s Lumberjanes is still in the works too, despite there not being any official updates in almost a year. I’m not sure I trust them to do that right though.


Gonna take this one out of context at the opportune moment too.



Makes sense, horror would be boring if only dudes killed and got killed.


And also unrealistic. Women are much more fun to kill.

I’ve said too much :zipper_mouth_face: