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Wait, the guy with the bandana is supposed to be the detective? Is that how he looks in the comics? I thought he was supposed to be a terrorist or cultist or something.

It looks kind of stylish but was let down by some terrible acting and stuff that was clearly unintentionally ridiculous.


Yeah he’s supposed to be the Detective.

In the comics he just wears a white long sleeved shirt, a pair of jeans, and that’s it.
Plus a very bad case of insomnia baggy eyes and very pale due to never going outside.


Lakeith Stanfield is great in Atlanta.


Atlanta is probably something I’d never watch, but odds and ends I’ve seen him in do make me hopeful.
He does get the deadpan and curt aspect of L downpat in this trailer.



Andy Serkis’s first movie, second if you count the still-unreleased Jungle Book.


Does the Jumanji brand really hold that much sway though? This films main draw is the Rock and Kevin Hart. Call it Jungle Adventure World and it will do just as well at the box office.


Never underestimate how far Hollywood will go to link a new thing to something you like, no matter how nebulous


It’s basic marketing; associating something with another thing that you have a positive feeling about. Rapport with the potential audience, “You like that? You’ll like this!”

This is just another game, and it’s the flip side of the original. you go into the game rather than it coming to you.

But they didn’t hire that cast for nothing, they believe they need them too.


By the way;

Mind = Blown!!! :open_mouth:


Yeah Jumanji or not it needs names. I don’t mind generic comedy if I like the actors involved. I think it looks like it’ll have a nice fun spin now too with the ‘BIG’ style element. Doubt I’ll get the chance to see it in the cinema, but I’ll definitively have a watch at some point.


James Cameron continues to work on 3D, and extends his deal with a company working on the “glasses free” version;

So he’s got 2.5 years to get it done. I’m intrigued, but I’ve never even seen a good demo so… we’ll see.


I suspect that’s just a little apocryphal. “Definitely Maybe” was a number one album in the UK 18 months before the first episode aired. They were a big band.

However that final episode was filmed an edited long before that single was released.


Like Tom says, he looks differently. But the idea actually fits his personality; he’s a recluse who won’t let anybody see his face or know his identity, and he’s massively obsessive-compulsive and all-around weird. The idea that he won’t go out without his face covered actually makes sense, and I like the visual (in the anime, there’s a colour scheme thing where he has blue hair and the other guy red hair).

  • We need ideas for the next Tom & Jerry movie
  • I know, let’s insert Tom & Jerry in the Gene Wilder Wonka movie!
  • … anyone else? ANYONE?
  • crickets
  • Oh, what the hell, let’s do it.



What the actual fuck.



And the trailer actually has the balls to call it an original movie.


What Lorcan said.

I kept waiting for it to say it was some sort of fan-made freaky mash-up. That’s not breaking the glass elevator with the ceiling. It’s smashing it to pieces.

Poor Gene. They should’ve just re-released the Gene Kelly Tom and Jerry film.


Theme park, not the movies directly, but related. As the article says, this is not a new development, things change over time;

Disneyland to Remove Bride Auction From Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

Disneyland is going to remove the bride auction scene from the classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The change will take place next year according to Disneyland spokeswoman Suzi Brown.

The ride will also be altered at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris.

"From introducing characters from the film saga, to the technology and story enhancements, changes to our attractions are done in the spirit of moving forward what Walt Disney inspired. We believe the time is right to turn the page to a new story in this scene, consistent with the humorous, adventurous spirit of the attraction," Brown said in a statement.

This is not the first time the ride has been changed to be less offensive or a sexist. The previous change involved pirate men chasing women, which was altered to them now chasing women to get food they have on trays.

The redhead who is among those being auctioned off the moment guests come through currently will become a pirate when the ride is altered, according to Disney.


This caught my eye because I watched the first couple of episodes of the TV series ‘Jamestown’ which start with mail order brides arriving from Britian to marry the men who paid for them (technically their passage across the Atlantic, but they’re largely treated as property).

This show is aiming for a much older audience of course, it’s not family entertainment.

The Disney parks added Jack Sparrow and other characters a few years ago. The ride has never been a historical exhibit in a museum, it’s a fantasy of pirates. Downplaying bloodshed and violence and eliminating slavery, which was at it’s height during the era of carribean piracy.

One thing that struck me watching the most recent film is that the series is chaffing at those limits. Jack and the rest are not “good men, and pirates”, which was one of the ideas in the first movie, and their enemies are (of course) even worse. These are all bad people, even if some are merely greedy and selfish rather than sadistic and evil.

I don’t think Disney should put Sparrow in a realistic pirate movie, but if the franchise is to continue they’ll have to rediscover a route to the fun and (dare I use the word) whimsy of the first film.