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I’ve not seen the first one but that trailer was pretty funny. Good to see Gibson doing comedy again.


As a major Scooby fan growing up, I really want to see the original cut of that film…


The first one is really odd. The first half is just awful, boring and dull. Then suddenly it takes a hard righthand turn and lets Farrell be wacky and becomes absolutely hilarious.


The first movie had this weird undercurrent that no one really loves Ferrel’s character.


I haven’t seen the first one, but last week Sofia Coppola listed it in her favourite movies of the 21st century:

Force Majeure
The White Ribbon
The Savages
Daddy’s Home
Under the Skin
The Incredibles
Grizzly Man
Fish Tank
Ex Machina


Universal really wants you to know that Tom Cruise isn’t the reason The Mummy is terrible. WINK WINK



Get better wigs.

Seriously, there are people who have devoted their lives to this, they make amazing wigs for film and TV. :slight_smile:


This comes out in the US this summer and is supposed to be amazing.


In a complaint issued Thursday, the Justice Department claimed that tens of millions of dollars was diverted from a Malaysian government investment fund to produce “Dumb and Dumber To” and “Daddy’s Home.”

It’s part of what prosecutors say was an enormous international fraud: Corrupt officials and financiers stole $4.5 billion from 1Malaysia Development Berhad between 2009 and 2015, laundering the money through a series of shell companies with bank accounts in the United States and abroad.


Reminds me of the story a retired director I knew told me back in the 90’s. He made low budget films in the 80’s. Once, a producer he approached to back a movie told him that he wasn’t interested in low budget films because he wouldn’t be able to steal enough from the financing to make it worth the effort.


I wonder why they missed the “II” out of the title then? It seems like they’re just asking for audience confusion.


There’s clearly an unrevealed twist. I mean, the cue’s in the title: Goodbye Christopher Robin. Sinister!


This is an interesting idea. I mean, not the actual film but how he’s making it. He’s going to a college and making it with the film students. At this point I have absolutely no faith in Smith as a filmmaker so I still won’t see it.


Due to my ignorance of Dunkirk, I made a insensitive joke which I have now replaced with this. Sorry to all who saw and were offended by the original post.



Not in the slightest, it can only offend more that Robert’s initial post. Many Welsh and Scottish and Irish men lost their lives in that campaign for a very good reason. The Nazis were scum.

Dunkirk has a narrative issue, it was a retreat, which is a hard story to sell, However Titanic was a disaster and is the second most profitable film of all time so who knows?


I wonder if the bigger issue will be familiarity. Most people in the US know of the Titanic. Most have not heard of Dunkirk. I certainly hadn’t until this film. I’m not saying it won’t go over just that I’ll be curious to see how it fairs.


I think in the end it will all be about the character story and whether that connects. In the 80s I watched Vietnam movies from Stone and Kubrick and that wasn’t a successful conflict or anything I knew about…


I saw a Dunkirk trailer before Wonder Woman. It looked like a slickly-produced, modern take on the classic war movie genre. It also looks like it’s aiming to press as many clichéd emotional buttons as possible. Whether that’s a good or thing or not is obviously up to the individual.

I don’t plan to see it, because I feel that I already know all I need to know about the subject and don’t really feel like being emotionally manipulated for two hours.