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I saw it back then, and that’s exactly the thing. It wasn’t a very deep or brilliant movie, and it was very much of its time. It worked as far as it did, like I said, mainly because the actors were rising stars and had a good chemistry and it was visually, for its time, pretty neat. And the concept was kind of interesting back then, but we’ve had a lot of other movies in that thematic area by now, so it seems kind of outdated. And I doubt it would stand up to a rewatch these days.

So why remake it while removing the few things that made the original stand out?

Yeah, well, we’ll see what the box office has to say about that :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m glad they just gave the whole movie in two minutes, it looks fairly dire and now I don’t have to see it.


It’s funny that the Winston Churchill movie has been out here for a weeks and hasn’t opened in the UK yet (it’s not supposed to be very good).


It’s more common for smaller releases in both directions.


It’s actually a sequel, not a remake. Sutherland is in it playing the same character, hiding under a different name, from the first movie.


OMG it should be huge with a big name like that in it. :smile:


C[quote=“garjones, post:6706, topic:4917, full:true”]

It’s more common for smaller releases in both directions.

We also get Dunkirk first. You just can’t satisfy the American hunger for dreary looking British centric WWII movies.


Huh, I would have thought there’d be more people talking about Transformers 5 if it was out in the US.


It’s not just that it looks dire, it seems pointless. There’s no conflict in that trailer. He creates Winnie the Poo and everything is wonderful. That seems pretty dull.


I can tell you’re bullshitting here because there is no way they made five Transformers movies.




They totally did!

The Transformers: The Movie
Beast Wars Special Super Lifeform Transformers
A segment in the 1999 Summer Toei Anime Fair
Preadcons Rising
And now The Last Knight.


Yeah, that’s what I thought, too.

What a waste of Domhnall Gleeson.

Well, that at least explains Ellen Page playing the overambitious medical student (still a miscast - there is always something dodgy and unlikeable about Sutherland, which was great for the original role).

Still doesn’t seem like they’ll be doing anything different than repeating the basic storyline.


The Baby Driver OST is the best I’ve ever heard. It’s fantastic!

Baby Driver soundtrack:


Co-written by Scott Lobdell.


So it’s like Groundhog Day as a horror movie?


Pretty much.


And more like the one episode of Supernatural that put this spin on Groundhog Day already.



I thought Cena was suppose to be in this one because of the end of the last film.