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Mark Wahlberg’s THE SIX BILLION DOLLAR MAN is moving off its Dec. 22 release date, the Tracking Board has confirmed, though the Weinstein Company has yet to make the move official.

The studio announced back in November 2015 that it would release Damian Szifron’s follow-up to Wild Tales on Dec. 22, 2017, with Variety trumpeting a September 2016 start date. Yet here we are in June, and Six Billion Dollar Man hasn’t started casting, let alone shooting.

While it’s not impossible for a film to start shooting in the summer and be ready by December (see Steven Spielberg’s The Papers), that won’t be the case for the Wahlberg movie, which is being produced by Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein and Stephen Levinson.


As the article says, making a film that fast is possible, but you wouldn’t want to do it if you didn’t have to.


I imagine that something that is going to need a lot of FX work couldn’t really be done (or done well) in that little time.



Films get delayed for a lot of reasons, the impossibility of maintaining quality in a short period of time isn’t always the one that counts. :wink:

I wonder what everyone’s commitment to this is? I think Wahlberg is very good casting, I hope he wants to do this and is pushing hard to make it happen.


I remember watching the original TV show with Lee Majors and there wasn’t anything else like it at the time. I’m wondering where you position this in a world where Iron Man and Captain America movies etc. exist…

I know that there was talk about doing it as a spoof with Chris Rock (a long time ago now), but that didn’t happen. I am wondering what tone they would be going for.


Slightly self aware but adventurous would be perfect.

Don’t try to be an action film, but an adventure one. If you’re going to put the focus on his abilities, then placing emphasis on the escapade is a good method.


The writer/director is rumoured to be doing Justice League Dark instead, so he’s probably out.


The Bionic Woman show from a few years ago was on the verge of becoming a good, serious version of the idea, I think there’s still mileage in an action film about a bionic person.

What I’d like to see is a something with minimal irony. Not unaware of the passage of time, but Walhberg’s comfort zone is a blue collar guy in a terrible situation, trying to make the right choices no matter what happens.

The little he has said about the project suggests that might be where he’s going with it;

Assuming it ever happens. GDT and Doug Liman have already been and gone. It may be cursed? :wink:



I like the poster:


It’s another one of those movies that like JOHN CARTER, LONE RANGER, TARZAN, THE MUMMY and KING ARTHUR that I think will be a hard sell for audiences. Especially if it comes in with bad or mediocre reviews. Honestly, at least with Lone Ranger, Tarzan and King Arthur, they weren’t nearly as bad as the reviews implied, but bad press drained any anticipation for them.

The original novel CYBORG was actually pretty entertaining in a somewhat Michael Crichton thriller sort of way. It seems like the production is going in that direction (rather than trying to make it a nostalgia comedy ala CHiPs or 21 JUMP STREET).


I think those films didn’t sell what they had well, and in all cases didn’t use what they had well either (I’ve yet to see King Arthur though).

A relatively normal man (will he be a test pilot?) who is gifted with amazing powers and then tries to help people, despite opposing forces trying to stop him, is not a difficult concept to grasp.

But it could still turn out to be a bad film if it’s handled wrong.


Oh…hell, brainstorm.

They should take some inspiration from Ishinomori.
His sci-fi cyborg stories were rife with themes about the industrialization of the everyday person’s lives.


I think it could end up being too similar to the recent Robocop update.


The article I read they wanted to focus on the spy aspect of SMDM not running fast, super strong aspect. I could see it work in that fashion.




At the same time, it’s not a great selling point considering the horde of successful movies that are already selling that - especially Marvel films. Green Lantern sold that story and look how it turned out.

Really, though, it’s Mark Wahlberg is gifted with amazing powers and so on - not some guy. He’s probably the main reason it got any traction even with all the good will behind the original tv series. He’s the main difference compared to the other movies - this time they got a real star who people already know and like to actually play the hero of the movie.

Chances are that he will either be an astronaut like in the original novel (though that’s unlikely unless they have an active space program in this world) or he’ll be a special forces soldier/secret agent already (like SHOOTER) and seriously maimed on a mission – but he’s too good of an asset to let go. There’s really no reason they would just rebuild a regular joe and send him on missions.

In the original novel, it was interesting that they basically extorted him by saying that if he didn’t work for them, then they would downgrade his prosthetics or not maintain them. So he was a reluctant agent who was actually a little suicidal in his missions at first.


Green Lantern was bad though.

If you make bad ice-cream you won’t sell much of it, even on the hottest day of the year.


It’s not obvious from the trailer but apparently the film is about a guy who discovers that the show he watched as a boy was created solely for him.


That looks worth a watch. So is it meant to be a bit Truman Show?