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Look, we’re talking hard SF. It’s all about the stupid obsession to detail.

And I say this as a huge fan of hard SF.


Problem solved;


OK, that’s technically a jet, and as we know, being technically correct is the best kind of correctness.



This is one of the few times when the bad reviews have actually put me off seeing a film.

I can accept if it’s not great, but it’s exactly my kind of film, so if it’s actually rubbish I will be really annoyed.

If I can find a really cheap ticket I’ll try it out, but they’re not getting £15 off me. :pensive:



I was all set to go see The Mummy, but the reviews put me off.

It’s pretty shoddy that they’ve had two attempts at starting this Dark Universe, and both have have been less than impressive.


I won’t let bad reviews put me off!
I’m looking forward to watching Tom Cruise run, tomorrow.


That is the irony here. The Sommers films basically set the stage for the Pirates of the Caribbean films and treated the material as a fun adventure. Dracula Untold was also primarily an adventure with something of a supernatural, medieval superhero origin story thrown in and it was successful as well.


Wasn’t Dracula Untold a bit of a flop? I thought that was why they dropped it as the start of their shared universe.


Production Budget: $70 million
Domestic: $56,280,355 25.9%

  • Foreign: $160,843,925 74.1%
    = Worldwide: $217,124,280

So, it did make a profit globally, but it’s hard to tell how much because of how difficult those calculations get. Given how badly it flopped domestically though, I think the studio wouldn’t see it as much of a success, yeah.


It showed there was still interest in Dracula movies. That’s what Universal needed to know.

I saw ‘The Mummy’ this morning, cheap and early. It’s not good.

But it’s not really any worse than many other such films. ‘King Skull Island’ is slightly more fun for example, but still quite a choppy movie with silly turns of events. This film has clearly become this year’s selection for the annual critics’s “all that’s wrong with blockbuster movies” festival.

A lot of the specific criticisms are correct, tonally it’s too uncertain. It has some good comedy, but also some that falls flat. There are creepy, horror scenes that work, but others which are bungled or undercut by bad editing choices.

Cruise is fine, he’s playing the Tom Cruise part and there’s no-one better at that yet. Crowe does British again, but it’s nothing too bad. He’s having some fun at least. The supporting cast needed more work though, apart from Cruise’s sidekick they don’t have a lot of character. Annabelle Wallis isn’t given much to work with (as the love interest) but she doesn’t bring anything to it either.

Sophia Boutella has tons of charisma, but there’s a lot of villainous striding around, which has become it’s own cliche these days.

On a hot day, the aircon in a cinema is a good enough reason to go see this, but apart from that you can safely wait for pay per view or even regular movie channels.


One of the main reasons I used to go the cinema a lot…

But I might give The Mummy a miss. It’s a shame, because I’m genuinely a big fan of the old Universal Studios horrors. I’m sorry that they couldn’t just take the material and make a horror movie.


That’s how I always go to see a movie, except that I usually wait for the second or third week of release, so even the morning crowd has died down. :slight_smile:


Honestly there was a series of apparently officially liscensed YA books that took heavy inspiration from Jumanji and Monster Squad that might have worked better if they wanted a series of movies.


I’d love to know the order in which things were done in this film.

The end result is a rather slack version of something that could work, if was all a bit better.

I will say though, that the supernatural element is handled very conventionally for most of the running time, before taking a sharp left.

If the goal was a shared universe of monsters, then this was an odd choice to start with.


Considering they only spent 70 mil on it, it think it delivered to their expectations.


This trailer is so cool. I can’t wait for this movie.


The first Goosebumps was a fun Jumanji/Ghostbusters-y movie.
Can’t wait for this one if the creative team and actors come back.


Yeah I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first one. Definitely interested in another.

I feel like this movie was already made but with Stephen Dorff.

EDIT: Seriously, it even has some of the same shots in the trailer!!!