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Ex Machina is about 1 hour 48 minutes long.


Ex Machina is a comic about a former superhero who becomes mayor of New York city.


Is that what it’s about?

I thought it was a hard-sci-fi comic about politics.
Damn, the book I imagined it to be sounds way cooler.


Hard SF does not have personal jetpacks.


Even better.


Ex Machina is a romantic comedy about a lonely robot starring Matthew McCog-nahie.


Let’s write it.


Has Pixar written all over it!!


So you’re saying that his Alien movie wouldn’t have been that different from Prometheus?


I scream every time I see the Disney version.


That’s a selling point for me :laughing:


Well it should. They would make it a lot more exciting.


If you think people having their legs burnt to a crisp by the jet exhaust is exciting, I guess?


Well, if you put it that way…

I think the thing the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies did right was making them big adventure movies. I loved even the second one for that, in all its silliness. It was full of the joy of someone finally getting to make real all of the pulp adventure dreams he had as a kid.


Kind of. Ex Machina is The West Wing meets a Lovecraftian story about a Cthulhu universe taking over our own.


It picked up the baton from ‘Raiders’. Or it would have if they’d handled the sequels right.


Yeah, exactly. And it’s a bit of a shame they weren’t competent enough to build from there. Also because Fraser deserved a better career than he had (to this point), in the end.



Not a jetpack, it’s a turbofan engine!


Potayto potahrto