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The Mummy reviews are in:

Empire are one of the few positive reviews, with 3 stars:


Well, the trailers and Kurtzman being the director had me concerned, but yikes.

Seems this cinematic universe is to a great (second, don’t forget Dracula Untold being vanished) start.


That sounds rough. I guess Wonder Woman might be in for another good weekend.


McQuarrie co-writing gave me some hope, but he can only do so much.


It’s Antonio Banderas’ turn to do Killy old man!



Not really feeling the DJ Khaled Spider-Man ads on TV.


This BBC one is pretty damning:


It’s interesting how audiences have already become wise to movies that try to force the wider shared-universe stuff at the expense of providing an enjoyable complete experience in its own right (which seems to be one of the main recurring criticisms of The Mummy).

When Marvel first hinted at the shared-universe MCU stuff, it was a post-credits tag on a movie that stood in its own right and (crucially) was very entertaining and enjoyable, and left people wanting more. That was what really set up the MCU movies for success, rather than the shared-universe elements in and of themselves. (As Marvel found out with the misstep that was Iron Man 2, where those elements overwhelmed the main story.)

I think people are very attuned to this stuff, especially these days with so many shared-universe movies on the cards. It sounds like The Mummy hasn’t succeeded in making the kind of film that people want to see more of, which is surely the primary goal.


Unless you are confident enough to film back to back or are as successful as Star Wars you need to produce something that can stand alone as a single story. That was a problem with Warcraft too.



I like Cruise, I like Mummy movies and I’d love the Universal monsters series to come back strong and be part of cinema for the next few years.

But the films have to be enjoyable. Otherwise this is reboot attempt no.3 that’s dead and wont be resurrected.


I am not sure making the Mummy into a massive budget CGI thing is the way to go. I know it sort of worked in the early 2000s.

The sense I get from this would-be franchise is that they want to make a shared horror universe without the movies being actually scary.


Were the original Universal Monster films scary?


Yep! Maybe not to adults in 2017 though.


OK. That’s fair.

How do you make it scary to adults in 2017 without going overboard?


Do you want to?

Horror is doing fine and people are getting scared watching films as diverse as ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘Get Out’.

But do you, as Universal Pictures. want to be making scary versions of Dracula, The Mummy and The Wolfman?

Or do you want a superhero-style franchise universe that brings in billions of dollars?


That’s probably more the question I’m asking. To make monster movies scary again, I think you would have to go into territory that Universal doesn’t want to be in with these films. A superhero franchise is probably closer to what they’re aiming for.


Almost all the reviews have said the film tries to be scary and when it succeeds those are the best moments but that too often it pulls up short and relies on chaotic and uninspired action.


A well made monster movie would probably cost peanuts compared to a bloated action budget that needs to be huge by necessity.