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I saw that earlier today. Is it meant to be a theatrical release? The animation looks dated, a bit like the Final Fantasy film.


Just one day it says.


Is it connected to the previous animated movie?


That seems to be Casper Van Dean’s voice so I think it’s connected to the original feature film.


The previous animated movie was connected to the original film as well.
Bringing back Carmen and Carl.


Then… yes?


Even he agrees. :smile: I heard Blomkamp interviewed around the time Chappie came out and he said he’s a primarily a designer that doesn’t have a great sense of narrative. I think he’d do well to partner up with someone who has. A Bernie Taupin to his Elton John.


Even without Hanks and Streep, that would be an amazing cast.


More Dark Universe tidbits:


In what world is Quasimodo a monster?


I think Hunchback was one of the Universal Monster movies back in the day.

They’re just going off those ones.


I’m not looking forward to seeing how they depict Quasimodo, probably played by some A-lister, for these movies.


It’ll just be Danny DeVito. :wink:


Can’t be worse than the Disney movie.


In the Marvel Comics universe, of course.

Really, Marvel could wipe the floor with the competition if it wanted to do its own Monsterverse.

And, of course…


Early movies. Actually, HoND made quite a name for Lon Chaney, Sr. What’s really amazing? Look at Lon’s IMDb credits. How many films did the man make 1914-1918? Sixty?

I’m thinking the inclusion was due to the Aurora Models line, which featured the Anthony Quinn version, which some converted to Laughton.


I only want to see Fin Fang Foom in a Nextwave movie.


There was some fuss about Hellboy being recast for a new series of films recently.

And thanks to MW formatting you have to click on the pic to see it properly. :smile: