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Looks like @garjones and his family will get to see the movie after all:


It’s good they relented, the censorship board here are generally idiots, I doubt they’d have noticed it without all the stories hyping it in the media. They just aren’t very good at their jobs. A senior government figure stepped into the debate and said it was nonsense, not sure how much that factored in but good for Disney for refusing to compromise on the cuts.

I doubt we’ll see it in the cinema though, it looks too much like the original for me to be interested.



That looks amazing. Is it from the same creators as Secret of the Kells and Song of the Sea?


Yup. It’s only it’s early stages at the moment; they put out the trailer to try to get more financing for it.

They have another movie out later this year:


Ohhh. Thank you, Paul. I really love their stuff. If they continue improving like they did from their first to their second film, they are quickly going to give Studio Ghibli a run for their money. :wink:



I think maybe Netflix should stop trying to do film comedies.



News that feels like we already knew it.

And to be accurate, it’s not the whole thing that’s dead, just the last reboot.

Everything changes (potentially) in 2019.


Will this be the next great kids movie?


Oh man, my boy loves Captain Underpants. I didn’t even realise there was a movie on the way.




New trailer.


I can’t remember, did this end up being directed by Shane Black or Adam Wingard?


Wingard. No Simon Barrett on this one though.


[quote=“Tom_Punk, post:5050, topic:4917, full:true”]
Will this be the next great kids movie?
[/quote]Considering the first book was a favorite of my son growing up, you might be right.


Already hate the main guy. He doesn’t look like an evil prodigy kid! Boooh!


Having simultaneous conversations about Captain Underpants and Death Note is more than a little jarring. :laughing:
That’s one thing (of many) that you have to love about this place.