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They need a Days of Xenomorphs Past to sort it all out.


There’s a good fan theory about MOTHER in the Alien Series that I would hope this is all leading toward.


What is it?


The fan theory incorporates the plot leaks for Covenant, so be wary before unfading this.

As the progenitor, and creator, of the Zenomorph race, up to and including creating the first actual Egg, coupled with his drive to see this creation continue and reach farther…David’s OS may eventually become the MOTHER mainframe


God I hope not, that would be ridiculous.



Or ridiculously amazing?


The first one.


Oh, so normal ridiculous.

Just what this series needs, I say.
Gotta fill those 5 movies somehow.


I dunno, I think that (again) it would risk removing some of the mystique from the series and making something that should be just a thought-provoking mystery into something dull and overly tangible.

It would be like making a movie in which Indiana Jones finds the secret warehouse at the end of Raiders and breaks into it to find out what other mystical objects are being held there…

No, wait…

It would be like making a movie in which Darth Vader’s past is laid out to us in painstaking detail from toddler-age onwards…

No, wait…


I agree, but I also disagree in that it would be the good capstone for that one character arc.

Life, my man, biodigital jazz.


Alien -> Aliens -> Alien3 Workprint, and ignore the rest. Job’s a good 'un


The Blu-Ray version of the workprint is really nice, too. It’s been cleaned up and the sound enhanced to the extent that the flaws are barely noticeable now. It’s my much preferred version.




What’s the difference in the workprint? I know I’m a minority but I really liked Alien 3.


There’s scads of differences. Like there’s a plot, and things make sense!


Lots of differences, some small and some a bit bigger, that add up to a really quite different film overall.

There’s an extensive rundown here (probably NSFW):


I ignore all but the first two films. The rest have had good bits, but they all fail enough to discourage me from watching them again.


Small release date change.


Was that not the tagline for Alien 4?


I actually like the idea.
Kevin Flynn would approve.