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‘Mission: Impossible 6’ looks like a job for Superman!

Henry Cavill Joins Cast of ‘Mission: Impossible 6’

Superman himself has officially joined the Mission: Impossible crew.

Director Christopher McQuarrie announced the news that Henry Cavill has signed on to the upcoming sixth installment in the long-running action series in a unique way on Instagram Thursday evening.




Loved the original, but not sure it really needs a sequel.


“Banshee” will cure that.


Eddie needs it.


Hell yeah


Is Arsenio coming back?


Does anyone on this board like dogs?


Depends; are they puppies?


I would imagine so.


What’s our general thread for discussing films we just watched? Is it this one? I’d like somewhere where I can express just how bad the new Beauty & The Beast is.


The “What are you watching” thread.
Use spoilers for new movies.


Splendid, thank you.


Simon Amstell’s veganism movie:


Kermode reviewed that one. It looked pretty funny and somehow defeats the “single joke” nature of its premise.


Teaser poster for The Dark Tower:

I quite like it - it’s a bit Doctor Strinception Rises, and I’m not sure it really sells the uniqueness of the story’s setting, but it’s intriguing enough for uninitiated audiences.


It’s a very good poster.

But I don’t think it’ll be able to erase the memory of the horrible, generic, trailer.
Which…was pretty bad and backs up your worries about it not selling the “uniqueness”…cause this movie has none.



Four more movies? Is he trying to top Cameron?

What’s the betting we hear soon that Avatar has now got five sequels in the works…


If the movies do get made, Aliens is going to have a continuity that puts the X-Men movie franchise to shame.