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Dominic Gerard Francis Eagleton West[2] (born 15 October 1969)[3] is an English actor, musician, and director. He is known for playing American Cop who isn’t English and has probably never been anywhere near England and would sound like Dick Van Dyke if he pretended to be Jimmy McNulty in The Wire


Which is the correct answer…


I recently watched a documentary about Aardman from a few years ago. At the very end they mentioned that they had just started production on this.


A bit wary, to be honest, given how certain aspects of society tend to vilify the Black Panther Party.


Kermode brought this up in his CATFIGHT review. Something like most fights last three seconds with two people grabbing each other, struggling to land a punch and then leaving out of breath.


Wear blue. It’s the national colour of Ireland.


Pfft. It was a great party!


Michael Bay has discovered… feminism?


I guess she’s too young to sexualize?




Remember, the prior movie in this series had a lengthy conversation about statutory rape and the age of consent.


How many female leads has he actually sexualized though? I mean this as a genuine question.
I can’t think of any before Transformers (which you could argue was from Sam’s hormone-pumped POV, especially that infamous shot).


Were there many women in his earlier movies? The Rock is the only one I’ve seen aside from the first Transformers, and there’s maybe one woman in it?


Kate Beckinsale was in Pearl Harbour and I don’t think she was sexualized, which is actually kind of impressive.
The Island had Scarlett Johansson and she learns about sex as the story progresses, which is where it starts to be played up, but it seems like a conscious decision to help differentiate the facility from the outside world.
Heck, The Island runs for like fifty minutes before you get a car chase.


Nicholas Cage’s character has sex with his girlfriend while her hair is in girlish pigtails, and they talk about how naughty said pigtails are.


Yeah but it’s completely essential to the plot.


hey, I’m just pointing out the times Michael Bay has sexualised women in his movies.

For research, like.


The female lead in bad boys was a hooker. Megan Fox was too young to play the role so he put her in the dance club and sprayed her with water.


She was 15 at the time, right? Michael Bay…classy dude.