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That’s all you’ve got? I was expecting the Jameson laugh.


Yes but were you expecting THE SPANISH INQUISITION?


(Although honestly I agree with you to some extent on the Matrix sequels.)


Um… are you sure that’s laughing?


Can’t say I’m surprised. The real surprise is that it has taken this long given how keen Hollywood is to maintain/reboot well-known blockbuster franchises these days. Even Blair Witch, also released in 1999, was given another shot lately, and The Mummy is about to get one as well (to say nothing of other franchises with big hits in 1999, not sure if anybody’s heard of them, I think they were called Star Wars and Toy Story and Bond… Wild Wild West, not so much).

Anyway, as somebody who has not been excited by most of the Wachowski’s post-Matrix work (I do still love the jelly bean high that is Speed Racer) but does still think the world of the Matrix is a pretty interesting one, I’m intrigued by the possibility of a reboot and of how modern day technological concepts are worked into it.

Then again, it all depends on who is going to be writing/directing/acting in it. I do hope that they can at least start by focusing on just one movie rather than trying to launch a multi-movie universe right from the get-go but that’s probably quite inevitable.


The cast of the Sopranos famously received notes and calls from actually criminals giving advice on portraying a life of crime.

The only show I know to cast authentically is The Wire.

Also, Steven Segal, I guess.


Well, that’s because they are fakers


A lot of these I already notice. Movie fight scenes are more ballet than combat.


Using Kill Bill as the picture for that article is like saying sports movies are unrealistic and calling out Shaolin Soccer.


Gareth Evans while filming The Raid had them coreograph the moves to music he had played so it had that rhythmic effect.

Most fights you see in real life are more like the one in the first Bridget Jones film.


Since I started watching MMA, fights scenes in movies and TV shows look really bad to me now.


Not the bar fights I witnessed in Korea… the most epic of which involved chickens, beer kegs, and a fork! And honest-to-goodness taekwondo!


In the 14 years I’ve been in Malaysia I have only ever seen one fight and it was a ‘handbags at dawn’ effort that made Colin Firth and Hugh Grant look like cage fighters. :smile:


But did you win or not?


With the notable exception of @njerry . Obviously. :smile:


It was a no-score draw.




Frank Sinatra? Dean Martin? :confused:

But maybe times are different now, I don’t know.


It is BECAUSE I am a true son of Eire that I will not be wearing green tomorrow, nor attending that parade.