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Ha, I thought the same. I was a bit disappointed by the trailer because of that :smiley:


The Coldest City is really good.
Very Soldier, Sailor, Tinker, Spy, so how the hell they got a film like that out of it I don’t know.
This looks far more like his babushka comic. Weird.



As the article points out, this live action version ISN’T the Disney live action version.

So, apart from budget, they’ll also have made sure that the film is different enough from the animated movie to avoid getting sued.


The words “Hans Christian Andersen” are nowhere in that article while the Disney cartoon is referred to as “the original”.



Hans Christian Andersen’s version was straight-to-video so I don’t think it counts.



I was always going to watch it for Wright and that cast, but I’m not 100% sold on the story from that trailer. Still looks like fun though.


Yeah. I usually have little interest in car chase movies, and it doesn’t help that this seems to be your typical criminal-tries-to-get-out-of-this-life movie.

But some of the dialogue was funny, and, well, I’ll watch it because it’s Edgar Wright.


Different trailer:


It’s funny how it can make it seem like such a different movie. I’m so-so about seeing the film from the first trailer, but quite excited to see the film from the second one.


Baby Driver looks like something I can wait till it comes on cable to see.

Interesting that the character of Baby appears to be dressed like Han Solo in some of the scenes.


I hope Ridley is too busy making ‘Alien’ films to ever get a ‘Gladiator 2’ off the ground;

But I will read the Nick Cave script at some point. :smiley:


Is he still trying to use the Nick Cave script?
Because I would support that idea.


Holy moses, steveuk!

I want to see that movie.


Very positive Baby Driver reviews:

Now I’m really annoyed it was pushed back to August.


Even Nick Cave says that no-one would film the Nick Cave script.


And I thought it was crazy everyone prejudging Iron Fist based on two week early reviews.


It was supposed to be out this week, and they kept the SXSW premiere after it was pushed back to August.


Oh hush.