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Aquaman v2.Snyder is still a blade wielding barbarian though. Which makes Momoa great casting for the role,


I’ll always want to watch whatever movie Cameron is making. But I really wish he’d let go of this whole Avatar franchise idea.

It works perfectly well as a stand alone film, and waiting over ten years for a follow up is putting a lot of faith in people actually still giving a crap about these characters.


About $1bn worth of faith from Fox and their funding partners.

The finance behind this must be as complex as the VFX.



The thing is that everyone thought TITANIC was going to be a box office disaster (and it was pretty much until it came out). Everyone was scratching their heads about AVATAR until just before it came out too.

We won’t really get a good idea if anyone really wants to see the sequels until they start trying to sell them.


Some people really wanted Cameron to fail, and they will do again in a couple of years too. There’s a strong streak of jealousy in the human race (in addition to the few hundred people that actually know Cameron and dislike him based on that experience).

Finding an honest, unbiased assessment of the films’ chances is going to be hard to find.



Has anyone read the Anthony Johnston comic this is (loosely I assume) based on?


Yes. I have. It’s pretty low-key spying behind the Berlin wall. I read it ages ago and don’t remember much though. He was writing a prequel based on one of the characters but I’m not sure if that’s been released yet?


Probably my favourite of the recent GitS marketing flurry.


This looks like my kind of action movie.


Umm yeah, that Atomic Blonde trailer doesn’t look much like the comic at all. It does look fun though.
I think this is another Red situation.



Atomic Blonde does look like a lot of fun. I can see why they would get that guy for Deadpool 2 (because apparently, that’s the guy, right?).

Also, I thought “John Wick” the after 5 seconds and he also did some direction for that, apparently.


‘Atomic Blonde’ looks a bit like someone had a checklist of ingredients and was working through them;

  1. Charlize Theron in lingerie ✓
  2. Stairwell fight ✓
  3. Lesbian scene ✓


It’s a good list so it’ll probably do well. I wish they’d made more of the 80’s setting. Maybe they do, but the trailer (which looks good) just has some neon and a Porche 911.


That was an eighties setting???

God, I really hope he gets it dones this time. Fingers bloody crossed.




I think the police should interview any giant, radioactive lizards in the area.


Well duh. You didn’t hear Queen on the soundtrack? Honestly, could they spell it out any clearer? :rolling_eyes:


Ah, so Suicide Squad was an eighties movie, too. I didn’t realise that…

Actually, I do have to say that for a nano-second, with the title and the first image of Theron, I thought this was going to be a movie about Debbie Harry :slight_smile: