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The thing is, even if you agree with the article when it says this -

A few weeks ago at the SAG Awards while receiving the Life Achievement Award, Lily Tomlin shared a regret, saying that when she was younger she had been “ambitious about the wrong things.” In other words, just because you have a dream, it doesn’t make that a sacred calling. The artist as Christ-like figure sacrificing herself to give her art to the people is a childish notion that is just bedazzling one’s self-promotion. As Mr. Antolini says in The Catcher in the Rye: “The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.” Had Mia and Sebastian chosen to live humbly, they might have had their success — or not — and been happy together.

  • I think that’s a perfectly valid reading of the film’s ending. So is Jabbar’s interpretation that the film is romanticising breakups, but I think the case that the movie is expressing exactly what Abdul-Jabbar is saying there is also a strong one.

As for the race thing: I think the characters are three-dimensional enough that this isn’t a problem; Keith isn’t just a sellout, or an antagonist.


Okay, I snickered at the last bit.


Also, Adam Sandler taking over Netflix gives me the same feeling of hopeless powerlessness that Trump in the White House does.


Was it the joke at the very end? That was the only thing I laughed at.


Yeah, exactly. The delivery of the very last line is what got me.


I don’t get “why?”…but I understand that’s moot given Sandler just makes movies for the laughs/money/more-money these days.

It’d be interesting it is was a real biopic that also happened to be a comedy.

But a fake biopic? Those are passe.



It’s been a while since a Vertigo series got a movie:

I wonder if Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle get much/anything from this? One of the reasons given for creators not publishing with Vertigo as much as they used to was said to be movie/TV rights.


I can’t say I really know the terms but I believe it is a half way house. Warners get first grab without complete ownership, books have reverted to creators only after several years when they have probably given up on them but they do get page rates which Image doesn’t award.

Image really is the best deal anyone will ever get in any publishing, they get better terms than even JK Rowling or Stephen King will.



About half way though this trailer my only thought was “this has to be a Terrance Mallick film.”


I’ve been watching a lot of Crime Story recently, so it was weird hearing Gosling sing the theme song.


Half way? That’s what I thought after ten seconds!

It’s a great cast, anyway. I have to remember to finally watch Knight of Cups, it’s been on amazon prime here for a while now.


Go watch it now please, Christian so you can tell me what you think of it. :slight_smile: It’s very Malicky; funny at times too…


If only Thor had that much Natalie Portman in it.

Full disclaimer: I’ve yet to see Knight of Cups, but I generally hope for more of Nat.

Is Knight of Cups good?



Anyone who thinks Forrest Gump isn’t a coup de grace is not my kinda guy.


I’m not quite sure what you mean. A coup de grace to what? The Oscars?


Yeah, I think that guy is wrong about most of those. Or at least arguing about the wrong stuff.

I mean, any list like this that doesn’t include Chicago is just so obviously flawed.