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Wayne Manor has been in England for years.

Most of ‘Fantastic Beasts’ New York was a car park and the rest was in a computer!

Movies are not real, even cinéma vérité wasn’t that vérité. It’s a magic trick.


Honestly, I think there’s nothing wrong with telling a story about people who find more fulfillment in their art than in another person.


For me, it was more about the attitude.

The originals have a NY identity that extends past the locations.
You could do all that you said, make it Boston as well, and then it would still be a NY movie.
Just cause of the atmosphere.

Yeah, that was my point too.
Ambition isn’t bad. And I hate that a lot of movies have made someone’s career, talent, or passion out to be a bad thing.


But the Dogme '95 films were all made in 1995, right?


No, Kevin Smith’s Dogma was made in 1999.


I am immensely lucky to have Hollywood, Griffith Park and Observatory, Desilu and Paramount Studios (and a bunch of little ones), Vasquez Rocks and a significant portion of Angeles National Forest as childhood stomping grounds.



They didn’t even all have dogs in them!


What about me? Did they have me in them?


No, just your evil twin brother Ernesto.


That bastard!


A bastard yes, but so handsome!


A soul patch doesn’t make you handsome.


…says the ugly twin…


I’ll never forgive them for keeping me in the attic and feeding me nothing but fish heads. I never even saw my reflection. The one time I did it was my doctor and he punched me in the face!



No one asked for your horrible truth-bombs, Steve.


Exactly, this is the best Dogme '95 movie:



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