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Not everyone knows (or really cares) what New York City actually looks like. It’s just a setting that so many film writers/directors/producers seem to be fascinated with to them. :wink:

The Avengers and Fast & Furious films used Cleveland. I can even remember one film using Toronto.


Captain America used Manchester.


Yep. Unless it’s done really badly, that kind of thing is only obvious when it’s places you know fairly well.


And Liverpool docks I think.


Yes, Albert Dock to be specific where This Morning with Richard and Judy used to be filmed.

It is something people are sensitive to if they know the area. I was reading Stormwatch today thanks to our other thread and there’s a dreadful depiction of Hong Kong, looking over the bay there are wide roads and very south American looking run down low rises. None of that exists there, everything overlooking the bay is huge skyscrapers packed in close.

Probably nobody else here would have noticed. I’ve just spent a lot of time there.


Captain America was a period piece so you have to go somewhere that looks older than NY currently does. Plus if you’re casting Chris Evans as Captain America you’re already throwing authenticity and believability out the window and who cares about the rest.

Ghostbusters, while a lot of it was shot on a LA soundstage, is a very “New York” movie. Making Boston look generically New York for a remake isn’t going to fly.


I didn’t even notice honestly. :wink:


Jeez…did you notice the Ghostbusters were women?


See above. :smile:


I know (and care) what women look like. New York City…not so much. :wink:


There’s still a lot of movie magic at play and tax breaks probably ruled it more than most.

Albert Dock was completely refurbed in the late 1980s and likely looks no more authentically 1940s than anywhere in the New York.

Orange roads!

I do understand the annoyance though if you do know and if @Lorcan_Nagle is reading I’ll refer him also to the dreadful British policeman’s hat in Stormwatch #40 that looks like some failed Spanish conquistador. :smile:


[quote=“RonnieM, post:4458, topic:4917”]
Not everyone knows (or really cares) what New York City actually looks like.
[/quote]Personally, I’m constantly looking for Fanueil Hall and Fenway Park. They’re next to the Empire State Building, right?


[quote=“njerry, post:4469, topic:4917, full:true”]

I have no idea. :wink:

I know Fenway is in Boston but I doubt I would know the difference in it and where any of the NYC teams play if I saw it on screen. It really doesn’t matter as much to everyone else as New Yorkers think. :wink:


[quote=“njerry, post:4469, topic:4917, full:true”]

They are near the bridge that goes to Vancouver.


Well this certainly checks all my horror box:


I honestly had forgotten the remake was set in NY.



I like the idea of ambition over love, to be honest.

What’s wrong with ambition?
It’s like every romcom in the 90’s tried to make ambition into this antagonistic force.


Yeah, I think he has a stronger point about John Legend than he does about romance.


I wanted to agree with that too.
But you all know me, my wording can be vitriolic.

It irked me in the movie that Ryan Gosling was the one who was standing up for “real jazz”.
It’s CW-level infantilism.