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Isn’t that what H20 did? Already?


No, H2O was set after the previous film. It acknowledged that Loomis had died, which had happened at the end of the last movie.


So they won’t be continuing the Curse of Thorn storyline?!?..Honestly, why even bother making it then :stuck_out_tongue:.


The curse was introduced in the second movie so they actually might.


The trailer is very close to the novel, including most of the dialogue. Which is a shame, as I wasn’t a fan of the novel. A movie has the potential to fix a lot of the problems… but it doesn’t seem to be doing that.

Tom Hanks is great casting though.


A nice little interview with Kirk Douglas as he hits a century.

The John Wayne anecdote is an interesting one.


They’re all interesting, but Wayne was a fascinating man, for good and (IMO) bad. An incredible screen presence and career of course.





It kinda looks less like Ghost in the Shell now?
But I dig the Major’s Arise get-up being used.


New movie by the director of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night:


Wasn’t Jim Carrey in this too?


It’s kind of a pastiche of different bits of Ghost in the Shell -jumping out of the window is obviously a direct lift from the 1995 movie, as is the fight with the tank.

But, the core story is lifted from 2nd GIG, including the villain you see in the trailer - it’'s the closest we’ve ever got to an Origin for the major, so it sort of makes sense that’s where they’d go with a Hollywood movie.

I think it looks cool - I hope it does at least as well as Pacific Rim.


Yep, but I think just for a small role.


I guess I’ve still not watched 2nd Gig yet.

Even if the story does suck, it looks more than pretty enough to captivate.
I hope it does well too. If it’s any good I’ll probably watch it more than once.


Hollywood is nothing if not innovative.


There’s some really interesting stuff in here that I never knew, despite being a huge fan of the movie.


I watched the latest Ghostbusters film last night (timely, I know). Holy hell was that terrible. The gender switch is fine with me but pretending Boston is New York is corny, and everything about it is so forced and labored, whereas the 1984 film is so relaxed and natural. The script needed to be overhauled entirely and there needed to be more room for the actresses to simply be themselves.

I shut it off after an hour, having not laughed once.


The funny part is that I watch extended version, which does exactly that. It didn’t improve things, it let scene go on for far too long.


Jeez. How did they think they’d be able to pull that off?