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So is the short on there?
Getting conflicting signals.


Ya. I know it’s all digital distribution now. I meant “attached to the print” as it was part of the film. It’s part of the contracts with the theaters in the US. They can be fined or sanctioned from getting certain films from a distributor if they violate those contracts.

If something went missing (like a trailer) in the days when actual prints were sent to theaters, it was usually down to someone splicing it out and taking it home or selling it to a collector. It’s not super frequent as the guy who cut the prints together, the projectionist, was generally the one union job in US theaters.

When I was a film major, we were still required to shoot on film. All film splicing is low tech. We generally used tape instead of glue but the process is the same.


Fair enough, the US system does seem to have its unique quirks. The timed percentage box office take really only exists there.

In my experience in the UK and here the studio has no say at all in what trailers are shown.


I had no idea it was Jackie Chan but that was definitely the short I got before my screening.
I just assumed it was something they were doing to match Disney, Pixar et al. who always show a short before the feature.


Oh fantastic.
Because there’s a bootleg version of the short on youtube, but it’s been horrible chopped up to get past copyright.


I’m not sure why @DaveWallace didn’t get it though? :confused:


I didn’t get it either.


What’s there to get? It’s Jackie Chan fighting a chicken.


When you were working in the cinema business, did they splice the whole film together onto one large platen or did they still switch cameras using the cigarette burns?


I think they’re saying they didn’t see it (get it) in their showing of the film. Not that they didn’t get a joke.


I don’t really know what that means. :smile:

In my language they had a single reel projector, the ads and trailers were physically cut off and glued on.


I was making a joke by intentionally misunderstanding what they were asking.


You misunderestimated the levels of dismisunderstanding under which this board can co-operate.


I suspect we’re talking about the same thing. The multiple reels are cut together on a single large horizontal plate that they called a platter (wrong term before). The picture below is the best I could find. The platter is the thing on the left.

The way this was handled before was that there were two projectors that were lined up on the screen. At a certain point in the film, there would be dots (cigarette burns) in the upper right hand corner to cue the projectionist to turn the other projector on. I don’t know when the switch happened but Tyler Durden explains it a bit in Fight Club even though it was old tech by then.


Arnold is not a great actor, and it’s a horrible idea to give him roles like this.

He’s got a great screen presence, and he could still draw people in a fun silly action movie, I think. But they really shouldn’t let him within ten miles of a serious role. It’s pretty obvious in the trailer, too.


A “Toni Erdmann” remake sounds like a terrible idea, and I don’t think Hollywood can help turning it into something lesser than the original is. But it could be a great role for Nicholson, that much is obvious.


I’m glad you mentioned Fight Club. It’s always the first thing I think of in connection with those cigarette burns.


Yeah…Fight Club was a good book alright


This will either wear thin incredibly quick or be the best thing in Netflix history.

Edit: Oops. This was the wrong thread.


Fight Club 2 wasn’t bad either!