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Yes, exactly.

As I understand it this latest project was driven by him (he encouraged getting hold of the rights, etc.), so very much a project he actively wants to make rather than simply a job that he was offered and accepted.



Well, I have no idea what that movie is about.


I can’t wait until the porn parody “He Comes At Night” is released.


It’s about a door that’s already open. They say it right in the trailer.


The Lego Ninjago Movie trailer is here
Seems a bit more generic than its predeccesors.


For those that want a little more LEGO, there is a Ninjago short, The Master, that was shown with Storks and it is included in its home media release, as a preview for the movie.


In all seriousness though A24 has really been killing it with their horror releases in the last year so there’s a good chance this will be good.


Isn’t that the one that’s shown with Lego Batman?
It didn’t exactly convince me on the concept of a whole movie.


If it’s the one with Jackie Chan fighting the chicken…then yes.


Haven’t seen it yet (tomorrow), does it feature Jackie chan fighting a chicken?




Didn’t know they were replaying it, thanks for the info.


I don’t think we had the Ninjago short with our screening of The Lego Batman Movie.

Can anyone tell me if it features any particular well-known action stars interacting with any particular farmyard animals?


The star of the short is the chicken actually


Btw, this was a feature in the bluray of The LEGO Movie :wink:


Contrary to popular belief the choice of trailers with any films is completely down to the exhibitor and not the studios or distributors.

There seems to be a belief from many fans that they all get to see the same ones with any given release but it’s nonsense. If they do it’s just the coincidence that they all want to plug the same films at the appropriate times.


In the US, there are two sets of trailers. The first set is determined by the theater. The second set is attached to the print and there can be hefty fines or sanctions if they are removed.


To be fair, I think the audience said the same thing about the movies earlier…


It’s all digital now so nothing is attached to the print.

When I worked in a cinema in the 80s the process was amazingly low tech, you used razor blades and glue. I chuckled in 2008 when one of the posters here mentioned they saw a preview of Iron Man which had no post credits scene and concluded that would not change as the cost would be ridiculous to emit it from one print.

I was like, I know a pretty skilled bloke who would do it for a pound.