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He was supposed to be Korean, right? Plenty of great and internationally popular Korean stars available today. It’s like the Golden Age of Korean entertainment right now.


That made me laugh. :wink:


Paging Mr. @Lorcan_Nagle


Yeah, nope.


:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:




Where’s the Drift King?


He was deposed. There is a Drift Constitutional Republic now with free and democratic elections :wink:


Dead. He died in Tokyo Drift. There were a couple of the newer films that took place before that film but now the timeline has moved after it.


…you have no idea who I’m talking about Ronnie.
I’m saddened that you haven’t seen Tokyo Drift.


Driftler will rise again


Mmm no.

[spoiler]D.K. was the bady guy in Tokyo Drift, and Sean became the new D.K. after beating him. The old DK was exiled by his mobster relative.

Han was just crazy old mentor in that movie [/spoiler]



I’m just shitty with names. Looked it up and I had him mixed up with Han Lue.

Was he supposed to be in this film?


I also didn’t realize that Sean became the new DK. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Tokyo Drift.


I hear scuttlebutt that he was meant to be.

Honestly, I’d rather him than Rock or Statham


Twinkie is dissapointed


Imagine how great it would be to see his tiny Hulk mini-car racing along tanks.


Lil’ Bow Wow will get over it. Everyone knows the real stars of the F&F franchise are the cars. I mostly remember that sick Veilside Mazda RX-7. :wink:


Behave or we will make you watch Redline… with the “Moving Violation” song in constant loop.