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It’s a great poster, but I demand Togusa, Ishikawa, Saito and the rest!


Minions 2? Ugh.

The first one was horrible though I think it did pretty well at the box office. If the sequel is “not as bad as the first”, it will be considered an improvement.


It was a pretty terrible movie - from both an adult and child point of view, as far as my experience goes.

But I guess they’re intent on milking the Despicable Me franchise as far as they can.


The Minions are cute and funny but only in small doses, especially their “babble” language. That got very annoying very quickly. It also didn’t help that the story was badly written.


I think that only mattered to parents. Kids liked it and it had the same box office as the Despicable Me movies (though made less money because it cost more).


I am aware that anecdotal evidence is not indicative of anything more, but my kid leaned over to me about twenty minutes before the end and asked “when can we leave?”.


I’m a kid at heart and I thought it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t as boring as many say.
The gimmick wore thin - but I think it would have been better without their stupid language.


I guess the sequel success of failure will determine whether or not the majority of kids liked the first one?

I think you mean you’ve eaten a kid’s heart. It’s not quite the same thing.


Hey…if you didn’t break out a smile when they started singing the Monkees Theme Song you have no soul.


A new Remo Williams movie? Think maybe this time, Chiun will be played by an Asian actor?


Kubo and the Two Strings - based on recommendations on this thread. I thought it was a lovely movie. And it looks amazing.


Idris Elba would make a great Chiun with John Cena/Meryl Streep as Remo.


It is a lovely movie. One of my favourites of the year.


So Black’s attached to Doc Savage and Remo Williams. Who’s next?

I just checked the date on the article; 2014.

He may have moved on by now?




The first Minions movie made more money than Rogue One, every Pixar movie, and all of the Marvel films except for the Avengers, Ultron, and Iron Man 3.


Well, let’s be honest…it was better than any of those so far.


I quite liked Minions. It’s plot was lacking but it was pretty funny.

It’s nowhere near my top kids films of the last few years but I didn’t fell cheated of my ticket cost.