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Is Ice Cube much of a draw for film audiences? (Genuine question. I’ve never really thought of him as a film star with that kind of appeal.)


The franchise WAS dead, but Xander Cage isn’t the franchise. Vin Diesel with fast cars, bikes, boats, planes etc. is.

‘Riddick’ is probably over though.


Unless he comes to Earth and picks up a fast car.


And only says, “I AM GROOT”.


Maybe not as an action star, I guess. He was coming off the Barbershop films at the time though.


And with Diesel’s light dying out at the time, they decided to take a risk.

I assume that Vin has accepted his place in the movie world now, especially after ‘The Last Witchhunter’ failed to deliver an audience.

He’s the fast car action guy. There are worse fates.


It was directed by Lee Tamahori, after Die Another Day…


Yeah most of the money Furious 7 made was in Asia anyway from people who are unlikely to have seen the originals. Vin Diesel, cars etc is all that’s needed and changes the usual rules of whether the original made a lot of money to warrant a sequel. Now the rule is where can we make at least a bit more of that Furious 7 dosh.


If I recall Xander Cage was killed off somewhere along the line…which explains why Ice Cube was in the second one. I’m guessing that nobody is stressing that little detail :smile:


Actually Ice Cube was in the second one because Vin Diesel didn’t want to come back and do it.


I know too much about this… in the second movie they casually mention that “Xander Cage was killed in Bora Bora this morning” or something like that.

When they released the first xXx Unrated Director’s Cut on DVD, they added a short film called “The Final Chapter - The Death of Xander Cage”, in which they show Cage entering a building that later explodes, caused by the enemies of the second movie. Cage is played by Diesel’s stunt double, always shown from behind, and reusing lines from the first movie… it has to be seen to be believed.

Edit: Found an online copy… Please watch it :stuck_out_tongue:


That was the unrated director’s cut? Weird, that’s the only version I’ve ever seen and I think I’ve only seen it on TV.


Here you have a comparison between the two cuts… they added a bunch of scenes mostly


Diesel’s character was killed off-screen and his passing is only mentioned as a throwaway line?

Well goodness only knows how the writers of the new movie are going to get around that one. :slight_smile:


That’s xXx, not xXx 2.

It depends on your definition of off-screen. You see him walk into a building and then the building explodes.


Seriously, watch the short film… it is amazing and it clearly shows that at the moment there was “bad blood” between the production team and Diesel… “Poor Xander, he never had very much between the ears”


In a separate short film.

That was only available on the DVD of the director’s cut of the sequel.

That nobody saw in the first place. :slight_smile:


-> the director’s cut of the original, I clarified my post above.

The guy who died was clearly a decoy guy set up by Samuel Jackson to cover for Xander while he was doing stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Even so, I don’t think it provides much of an obstacle to Diesel coming back for a sequel. Stuff like that can easily be explained away, if it even needs to be.

Exactly. :slight_smile:


The Fast and Furious films have had crazier resurrections.

Personally, I hope they go all out with the weirdest idea anyone can come up with!

Cage has been living under an assumed name while he has he burnt off face reconstructed by experimental surgeons in Tibet, paid for by secret missions as a bagman for the world’s most elite crime lords and secret agencies.