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What the fuck’s going on in the world now where people don’t think a Sherlock Holmes comedy with Will Ferrell and John C Reilly is a good idea?

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that comedy movies are becoming less popular, more of a rarity, and everyone moans about the humour in The Predator.

When did we (YOU) all become such joyless fuckers?


Woah man.
The jokes in the trailer were just bad is all.


You are confusing people thinking it is a good idea or not with worrying about the execution.

The idea has potential, but by the looks of the trailer, the execution seems terrible. Maybe the movie will be better, but the trailer wasn’t my cup of tea.

But good thing, it put me in the mood to rewatch either Without a Clue or The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother this weekend.


Right, I think you might be able to find posts from me on here stating that I was looking forward to it when it was announced as well.


Without a Clue is great. I have it on DVD.


:joy: I didn’t mean you per se but I’d type we then I was excluding myself


I’m just being a bit sweeping

Comedies and fun, violent action movies have gone the way of the western (chortle) and it disappoints me.

When I say comedies I mean belly laugh stupidity not chin stroking smirk inducing comedies, which we still have plenty of

There was a great era recently with step brothers, Superbad, observe and report, 40 year old virgin, sandler, Todd Phillips movies, 21 jump street but they are few and far between now

I’m blaming people who take themselves and films too seriously because it’s easier when you have someone to blame


Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Humour is very subjective, to be honest I’ve never been much into that kind of Hollywood type comedy much, the odd one comes along that does it but not many, it’s a bit too broad.

I am a huge comedy fan though and far from joyless. I’ll skip Will Ferrell while I listen to a dozen comedy podcasts, standups on Netflix and TV stuff from the UK and Adult Swim in the US. I appreciate that while I’m doubled over in pain laughing at the Peter Beardsley section of Athletic Mince most on this board will thinks it’s unfunny nonsense.


And yet, you have two Deadpool movies that do both and were highly successful.


They are outliers though. And I think a great deal of that success is down to them being a superhero property.

I loved Deadpool. Not seen the second one, I actually plan to rectify that this week.

felt that between Deadpool and Logan it was a signal to studios that there’s an audience out there for R rated movies and they don’t need to mollycoddle us all. There’s plenty of PG-13 movies out there for kids and those who are little more sensitive.


Nah Game Night did it too. So did rampage. Also Blockers, Upgrade, Hotel Artemis Tag and The Meg. All comedies or violent funny movies, all did well.


I’ll give you upgrade, The Meg however was tame for the subject matter, it was weak ass PG- 13 bullshit. Most of the action occurred off screen.


People don’t feel the need to go to theaters to see comedies, anymore, I think, except in the rare occasion where something is so effective that people feel driven to see it right away to see what all the fuss is about. There’s really not a whole lot of need to see something funny on a huge screen when you can see it for half or a third of the price at home and laugh just as hard as you might in a theater. Yeah, there’s something to be said for laughing in a crowd, but that might not be worth the price financially when compared with the generally much cheaper option of home viewing.

Either that, or it really is all Tom_Punk’s fault. What a dick.


Guilty. Liz and I typically only go to films that deserve to be seen on a big screen. Most comedies do not qualify. The closest we’ve come to seeing a comedy in the cinema this year is ISLE OF DOGS, which is not quite a comedy but also isn’t a Michael Bay-style action film.


I think we’re currently living in a disruptive phase as to how we consume entertainment.

The cinema experience will soon become the domain of big event films — superheroes, Star Wars, Harry Potter, action franchises — and drama, comedy, everything else will get pushed to streaming and cable.

With widescreen HDTVs becoming ubiquitous and affordable, there’s really no reason to go to a theater to watch a drama or comedy when you can stay at home and watch it on a 55” television in your living room.


I remember reading this story a long time ago, but I can’t remember how it ended.


That looks really good. I was wondering if La La Land would have an impact, and I guess that’s what that is - smaller movies trying to expand on what you can do with the musical genre.


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