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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel




The animated Spider-Man is out, as is Mary Poppins Returns.


That was… terrible.


I feel like along with Lin-Manuel Miranda in Mary Poppins Returns, we in America are doing unjust savagery to British accents.


Another delay for Dark Phoenix :grimacing:… I didn’t see a lot of buzz for that trailer they released the other day. Wonder if that’s played a part in the hasty move?.




Elton John was excellent in Golden Circle


Aquaman would need massively good reviews here for me to think about seeing it.

Maybe I’m being unfair, because Warners managed to get things right for Wonder Woman, but nothing I’ve seen/read so far makes me believe they’ll make an Aquaman I’m interested in.


Animated Spider-Man wasn’t even on my radar. I’ll think about it.

I’ll assume Mary Poppins Returns is a joke suggestion :wink:


That’s not enough, Tom. Not nearly enough.


‘Holmes and Watson’ DOES look terrible, but a lot of the humour for these sorts of films is pretty heavy handed.

If you saw that trailer in a cinema and a lot of people started laughing, it would probably appear more amusing…


I have no idea if the general opinion here is reflected out in the rest of the potential audience?

Clearly I wont be seeing the movie in a theatre, and maybe never at home. But I might give a try on Netflix or Prime one day, if I’ve have enough to drink.


If you’d had that much to drink you’d probably need your stomach pumped.


Yeah, there is an audience for this kind of comedy. We have some people here who talked about their love for Adam Sandler movies and how it’s pointless to read what any of the critics have to say about this kind of movie because, well, they just don’t like this kind of movie.

Thing is though that I have no idea how to tell whether this kind of comedy is good or not for its target audience because to me it’s all terribly unfunny crap.


I’m a pretty big Will Ferrell fan but his career hasn’t been the same since Adam McKay went to do prestige pictures.

But really, any comedian’s peak window in usually 5-8 years. That’s partly why so many of them switch to drama. Ferrell had an amazing run (with some duds) from like 2003 to 2010. It’s been rough going ever since.

Anyway I still love Ferrell, love Fiennes, LOVE Reilly, but this Sherlock movie looks pretty bad. It’s possible the trailer doesn’t represent it well, too.


Ferrell may follow Sandler and strike a deal with Netflix? They already renewed that contract, so clearly it’s good business for all concerned.

Sandler is pretty unpretentious about his comedy films though, as long as he reaches his fans somehow he doesn’t mind that it’s streaming and not in cinemas.

The general attitude is continuing to shift in that direction, the variety is in streaming rather than theatres now.

Or maybe this will be a huge cinematic hit and Ferrell will stay in theatrical movies?



I genuinely think this is going to be a hit.


You might be right. But I base that on the fact that there hasn’t been a glut of comedies in the last few years. Deadpool 2 is probably the comedy of the year so far. I’m struggling to think of another memorable one this year.


I’d put Blockers, Game Night, Crazy Rich Asians, Isle Of Dogs, and A Simple Favour up there above Deadpool 2.