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Maybe the same one Stallone uses?


Luckily above 210 lbs there’s no more weight bands to split people up. Let carnage ensue.

Incidentally I watched an interview about him training for Black Panther saying he’d added 25-35 pounds, so I assume he was thinking of this movie as he trained, in the first one I think he was Light Heavyweight so I have a feeling that him training to breach 200lbs will be part of the plot.


Apparently it’s chicken and lifting 24/7 but I’d be surprised if he wasn’t using supplements that are banned in actual competition.


This is totally doable. I was over weight and was asked to be a topless waiter for a hens night. I had 2 weeks to prepare and my brother who’s a personal trainer gave me a diet plan and routine that body builders use before comps.
I was a grumpy bastard but damn I looked good.


Yeah I was just typing the same thing. 210 lbs (or 14 and a half stone for the Brits) isn’t huge and then anything after that can go up to Andre the Giant proportions. So a huge disparity in size isn’t unrealistic as long as you can believe Jordan can be 210 lbs.

This is a real life heavyweight bout from 2002 (the enormous Russian on the left is 7 foot tall):


Oh my giddy aunt is that how long ago that was?? :astonished::astonished: In my brain it was no more than ten years ago!!!


Actually my mistake from reading the caption wrongly, it was 2005, so still longer than your 10 years but not quite so bad on your memory. :smile:


That makes me feel a little better but I’m still shocked! :joy:

What’s even more shocking is that I remember being out that night - most of my nights out in that era are lost to the black bin of alcohol consumption.


Wow. That’s insane. I’m above 210 lb. I wonder if the weight classifications could use an update. Anything under 200 lbs for that type of athlete just feels small to me.


Cruiserweight was the last change round that level I think about 40 years ago. Technically Heavyweight is over 200lbs I think except in certain belts. I’m not sure offhand.

Edit: So before Cruiserweight it would have been 175lbs that Light Heavyweight was the limit, I don’t think it was ever changed, not sure.


It’s amazing how small these boxers get. I’m short and fairly average weight for my size at 138 lbs and there are more classifications below me than above. I’d have to lose 30lbs to make flyweight.


I would be heavyweight and just get fucked up in the ring (not that I could fight the lower weight levels either :wink: ).


I saw a straw weight fight in real life and it was weird. They were so small but much faster and older looking than any amature bout with kids of the same size.

Talking about weight, I discovered last week that I’m exactly the same height and weight as Audie Murphy was. To me that makes all the stuff he did just insane.


That’s nothing compared to MMA:


That’s a little more like it. Looks like the weights are raised a bit in MMA with 225-265 lbs being the range Heavyweight and Super heavyweight classing above that.

I looked up Conor McGregor’s weight out of curiosity and he only weighs 154 lbs. Does he class in at Lightweight? I don’t watch MMA.


Yes, he is currently classed as a Lightweight.


Oh man the ones Stallone used probably are long since illegal (if they were legal at the time). What is going through Jordan’s veins right now is likely a lot better, and safer.


They were not. That’s why he dumped them out the window when the police knocked on his door while he was in Japan.