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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel



The new Chucky from the Child’s Play remake (not to be confused with the continuing Chucky series).


Hopefully better than Cult of….




I think the first one was a hair away from being a perfect movie. The second was…not good. Here’s hoping the third brings us back around to the awesomeness of the first one.


I’m the opposite.
I think the first was very barebones - and while the second had a lot of flaws, it had much more engaging qualities.

I’m actually quite anticipating this.


Isn’t that also the current release date for the next Bond movie? :slight_smile:

If (as expected, given the current turmoil) Bond slips down the schedule, they may well be able to create a narrative that Kingsman has Bond running scared.

Edit: just saw that Bond already slipped to February 2020 with the new director announcement. So it looks like they’ve actually just pounced on a good newly-empty slot.


Nice of them to put the whole movie into a few minutes. Saves me the time of actually having to see it.



A military vs zombie film that’s not ‘Overlord’ (and probably cost less than it’s catering budget);

That looks like a good beer and pizza film.


If they’re having to cite Midsomer Murders as someone’s main previous credit, they might as well just admit they’re an unknown.


I have no idea who she is, but maybe my Mum would know, she’s a big fan of ‘Midsomer Murders’ :wink:

I just googled for info, her mother is the former model turned TV chef Lorraine Pascal and her father is a Polish Count turned musician.



Well that’s the G1 movie all the fans were asking for.


I’m not even a particularly big TF fan, but I love seeing all those chunky old designs in live-action.


Hmm, I’m actually less interested in that now. The first trailer felt like it was going for a different feel than the Bay movies…But this make it look like it’s just more of the same.


I felt like the action was more readable than what I remember from the first Bay film, but I guess it remains to be seen how it comes across in the final movie.


I saw this trailer before the House with a Clock in Its Walls and I basically hate everything about it.


Agreed. Well, not exactly more of the same - but was hoping for something at least more low-key.