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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


I missed out on seeing this over the summer but it looks like I’ll get another chance in a couple months.



I love those actors and I’m really looking forward to the movie but that was a fairly dire trailer.


Yeah, pretty standard oscar bait trailer.


I wonder if there’s any precident for two actors taking home the best actor Oscar. I’d bet on that.


If they both get nominated it’ll split the vote.

When Geoffrey Rush and Noah Taylor played two ages of the same role in ‘Shine’ they had roughly equal screen time, but someone made the choice to push Rush for the awards.

He was great, but so was Taylor, and they couldn’t both win.


While I’m not entirely sure, I think Noah Taylor had never been nominated before, but then maybe neither had Rush, I’m not sure. I do think in that situation, if not previous nominations then age played, and would always play, a very big part in pushing one actor over another.

It just sort of occurred to me that I can’t think of a situation where two actors with similar ages, both previously nominated and share top billing in one movie. Who would the studio push in terms of the voters in this situation… The Oscars are trying to evolve to some degree, it would maybe be the perfect time for the studio to campaign for both the actors to win best actor and share the accolade. It would certainly be good promotion for the film itself and plays into what seems to be the narrative of the film, too.

It’s just something I think would be worth a sneaky tenner on early, before the campaigns for the voters start.



Was anyone really asking for this?


Not really, but the original was fun so I have nothing against them going after a sequel.


It’s been rumored to be in the works for a long time.


I mean, it will probably be fun but it definitely feels like it’s well below Coogler’s abilities and time.


As a fan of the original movies and Eddie Murphy, I think this is great. It would be even funnier and par for the course if he reunited with Martin Lawrence. (See: Life)


Lawrence was who I immediately thought of when I saw the headline. I’m surprised he’s not already locked in too.


Dick Wolf tries his hand at producing horror.



Still not sold on this sequel despite loving the first one.




Geoffrey Owens (and his representation) are doing a fine job with the situation he found himself in;