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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


It isn’t like this is the first time a TV series has been edited down to a feature length film. The Trip and Mulholland Drive are two that come right to mind, and both are excellent movies.


Yup and that plays to Steve’s earlier point, The Trip is not really a plot heavy piece. It’s two guys arsing around on an eating tour so despite chopping half of it out for the movie version it works perfectly well.


Any time I see a review by indie wire it’s some fucking snidey headline going along with it.

Who are these wanks?

Saying Roma is Cuaron’s best movie since Y Tu, when he’s done Gravity, Children of Men and the best Harry Potter of the series since, is just a reviewer being a dickhead for the sake of being a dickhead.


Or, alternately, the reviewer could have liked Roma more than Gravity, Harry Potter and Children of Men.


Surely as a reviewer he wants his opinion to be respected.


Especially since Harry Potter is just a good movie and Gravity is more of a technical marvel than a movie.


Alternatively he could have just concentrated on reviewing the movie without resorting to trolling fans of the other 3 with his blatent baiting headline.


Working as a reviewer the writer will know only too well there are lot of fans of those other movies, it’s pure bait and completely needless.


They’re all great movies! He’s a truly gifted filmmaker, one of our best.

The “best since y tu mama tambien” comment suggests there was potential there that he never lived to, which is absurd. I don’t think it’s weird for that film to be someone’s favorite, too. I thought “Children of Men” was widely regarded his best film, but whatever.


If not best then definitely most underappreciated.


Under seen perhaps, but appreciated by those who have seen it.



The book was better. :wink:


God, no, it wasn’t.


Yes, it was.


All books are better :grin:


Honestly, the book and film were just different like all adaptations should be. I thought the book told a broader story about those rejected by society being the salvation of society. The film narrowed that to just be about immigration which just felt odd as the celebrated last man born was not from the UK either.

It’s also one of those books where how I understand it has changed over time as life and circumstances have changed me.


I think it was a classic dystopian story about control, and I think it’s pretty clear (Trump and Brexit) that immigration is seen by many as a symptom of a society that has lost control.

The contradiction of celebrating certain “foreigners” as important was probably intentional.


I think it just made the whole thing more Anglocentric too. When you’re talking about global infertility, it doesn’t much matter where the first new kid is born.

In the book, the new baby was born to people who had physical deformities and were not allowed to breed because they were seen as inferior by everyone not just the country they were currently living in.

I understand the change likely made the story more personal for Cuaron. It just made it seem to be aimed at one issue instead of something broader to me.

It also came out in 2006. So the sentiments behind Trump and Brexit might have been lurking but what far from what they are now.


And if the parents were disabled it wouldn’t have looked like a single issue; disability?

It’s got worse, it was still bad back then.