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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


If I’m honest I’m a little disappointed it’s not in the cinema, I love seeing that sort of look on the big screen. It’s a real pity so many movies try to stay realistic, it’s only really superhero movies that have shown that off and even there Marvel tends to colour correct til everything is a winter’s day.


Yeah, and I’m also generally a bit disappointed I won’t get to see the new Coen brothers movie on the big screen. On the other hand, I won’t have to pay a dime for it, so I guess it all evens out.



It was supposed to be a TV mini-series, but they changed their minds while editing.


Ah, okay, that explains that, cheers.


Can we just take a moment to look at that; they changed their minds and everyone went along with it.

That’s what? 6 hours of material? Maybe less (was it meant to be 6 x 45 minute episodes, or 6 x half hours?) reduced to 2 hours or so.

Most companies, who paid for 6 episodes, would demand 6 episodes.

Netflix have said ok. Annapurna (the TV company) have also said ok.

That’s what happens when you’re dealing with a streaming company that’s still building it’s library, and with the daughter of a billionaire.

Oh, and when you’re the Coens.


In ten years I’m going to build the daughter of a billionaire. With my future wife.


Wait, what happened?


It was originally a tv miniseries, then somewhere along the line in production (apparently way late) it was retrofitted into a movie.


Ah. So are there still segments within the film?


Yeah, six. It was always an anthology, just what format that took was changed.
Hopefully it all comes together into a nice film.


It’s incredible to me that you could cut two thirds of a story and still have it work coherently.


Tells us something about that two-thirds. Then again, I’ve seen projects gutted and changed completely (Wanted) that then worked okay in new form. It’s not what people expect, of course.


You’ve not watched any of the Marvel Netflix shows, I see.


Those have all been about a quarter too long. Which is still significantly less than was cut from this Coen’s film.


Well, we don’t know how long the original episodes were supposed to be. The movie is 2hr13, so about 20 minutes a segment. They might have been meant to be ~30 minute episodes.


It also depends on how important the narrative was?

‘Withnail and I’ has a narrative, of sorts, but it basically a bunch of setpieces about two out of work actors trying to scrounge things off relatives and strangers, and what goes wrong with that.

You could add or subtract scenes from it and it wouldn’t affect the story, as such.


Ironically, even though I question the way these bright colorful 80’s and 90’s characters get remade as serious and grim (like Power Rangers, recently), a movie about a superhero who represents the health of the planet’s eco-systems in the face of human development probably should be a little dark and desperate to reflect the times.

Essentially, it feels like Captain Planet has already been defeated.



I can see it. Heart and all that.