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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Never go full Shane Black.


Or you’ll never go back.


Every thing I’m hearing about this, including the bad reviews, has me pretty fired up. Can’t wait for Friday.



I wonder if it intentionally looks so artificial?


That actually looks kind of fun.


I’m definitely in it for the title story at least.
Love me some good ol’ unexpected gunslinging.


New poster;

I’ve seen a lot of Nazi zombie movies, but I am bearing in mind that this has a bigger budget than all of the combined, so I’ll give it a chance and see what real money can add to the mix?


They’re putting it in Imax! Wow.
Snazzy poster though.


I’ll catch a matinee.
It’s Wolfenstein in all but name.
What’s not to at least pay cheap for?


I’m not excited for this movie at all.

But that poster is fucking awesome.


IMAX is what 3D was supposed to be; extra money for any film that bothers to release in the format.

It’s a lot easier (read: cheaper) than 3D as well.


Yup and only question is whether the Imax cinemas will want to show them as they are very limited compared to 3D and normal screens. Overlord may be okay and have calculated correctly as looking at the release schedule there’s nothing much on Imax or very suited to it on that week or before it, however it’ll be kicked off screens everywhere for Fantastic Beasts the following week.


This doesn’t surprise me:



That looks very good. Also, it’s directed Paul Dano, who is a great actor. Last saw him in Swiss Army Man.


Somehow, It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s a good director, as well.


Me either.


I am surprised a Coens movie is going straight to Netflix.

I wonder if it intentionally looks so artificial?

It looks to me like every segment has a different look, so, yeah, I would expect so.

(I would also expect so because at this point, there is nothing out of place in any shot of a Coen brothers movie. They are incredibly precise.)


It reminded me of Big Fish so maybe it’s there to indicate a story is being told to the viewer, it seems like a movie with tall tales in it.


Yep, that was my impression, too.