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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


I will still happily go see Predator. I’d be disappointed if it got amazing reviews!


But that’s as good as the franchise has been. To expect more from Black was folly.


It’s getting worse reviews than any of the other movies he’s made; to say that that should be expected seems odd to me.



Um… okay?




Rambo V: Rambo Vrs Rambeau.






Ok, I might see that, it’s bit too close to it’s source material maybe, like they found an unreleased eurocrime movie from the 70’s and decided to put it out.

But it could be good.


That seems to be the filmmakers’ shtick. Their two previous films were both heavy homages to 70s style films.





“Shane Black goes full on Shane Black.”

Sounds right up my street :joy:


I didn’t realise that Larry Fong was the DP for this. :heart_eyes:


I’m only hearing that now too.


I did laugh at this bit from the review in the Telegraph:

Even the combat scenes are only occasionally decipherable, despite the involvement of the brilliant cinematographer Larry Fong (300, [Kong: Skull Island]), whose trademark move – call it the Keep Calm and Larry Fong – is finding moments of slow-motion serenity in hyper-violent free-for-alls.