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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


I get enough Trump in the news and in real life. I really don’t need it in my entertainment.


BBC started showing apprentice reruns recently and I was like, “Please dont.”


Wasn’t that the plot Mark Russel used recently in his Flintstones series?. I’m sure that’s how the plot line with the Trump stand in Mayor ended.





I’m pretty certain Iannucci was just taking the piss, he announced the ‘Hollywood interest’ about half an hour after the first post. :smile:

He’s now running another great thread:


some of the photos in that thread are amazing.


They’re really funny, it’s worth following.



I’m almost crying with laughter at some of these.






This last one gets bonus points for photoshopping the phone too.





Wheatley did something similar a few years ago with A Field in England, which was on Film4 the day it opened in cinemas.


While it’s cool to see him work with Neil Maskell again, I’m glad that I didn’t pursue watching this at the London Film Festival.

This bit is pretty interesting too:

Wheatley is currently writing an extended TV series featuring the same characters for future broadcast.


The Predator is getting reviews that seem to be on par with Predators, which is pretty disappointing for a Shane Black movie.

I’ll see it, but I might wait for VOD on this one. Shame.

In better news, Steve McQueen’s Widows is getting great reviews at TIFF, not surprisingly:


I expect ‘Predator’ to be fun but ramble a lot. Shane Black is a very good writer but he needs someone to trim his work down and focus it, normally that’s the director, but when he’s the director there’s just him.

‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ and ‘The Nice Guys’ have a lot of great stuff in them, but they keep you interested with charm and quirkiness, not because they’re great stories well told.

‘Widows’ is a bit of a wild card. I wont read any reviews, but i’m glad it’s getting good ones. I’ll see it.