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The importance of being Ernest


New Greengrass:


I recently watched the police academy series maybe six months ago. It was… Well let’s just say the tone of the majority of the jokes were on the wrong side of history in terms of homosexuality and women.


Like this?


At least.



Hedwig and the Angry Inch - before Savini got there the original title was Hedwig and the Happy Foot.


It was the first stage adaptation of RESERVIOR DOGS. I played Marvin Nash, the cop. I was covered in blood and it got in my eyes and I started to go blind because Savini, who donated the blood since he’s local to Pittsburgh and Nicotero’s uncle was also in the play, uses film developer to give the blood realistic consistency.

So the director took me to the ER where they sent me straight in because it looked like I was covered with blood. Later on when Savini came to the show, he told me to be sure not to get the blood in my eyes.

Apparently the same thing happened to one of the victims in a Friday the 13th movie he supplied the blood for (maybe he did the effects too). A guy had an arrow through his eyes and spent 12 hours with blood seeping in the fake wound. It took 6 months to regain his sight in that eye.


I think Savini probably should have mentioned that his fake blood mixture may cause blindness when he gave it to your director.

But it’s probably not a good idea in general to mix dangerous chemicals like film developer into fake horror movie blood that’s going to get indiscriminately splattered all over actors.


Now you tell us! :wink:




Savini has put himself through so much stuff for these effects, he really is all out of f**ks to give.


If a good lawyer gets hold of him he’ll be all out of cash as well.



I am very much here for this.


Is Greengrass getting no offers outside of true disaster movies these days?

As is often the case with these things, there are two movies about Utøya in the pipeline at the same time. This one looks rather ore interesting (if also unsettling) to me:


That is such a great story! I wish I could’ve seen it.


Is that the single take one? I’m sure that Greengrass can succeed where that fails (limited by its very concept, though I suppose that’s the point).


Yeah, Greengrass’ movie obviously has a broader scope. It looks very well-made, but… I don’t know, I don’t feel like we’re ready for fictionalised interviews with Breivik. That assshole should be left to be forgotten, not Hannibal-Lecter-ised.