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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


I’m not a big fan of Wonder Woman, but I think there was more to it than “woman lead” that people liked. It was a nice mix of mythology with an exploration of humankind’s fascination with war, it had a pretty surprising twist, the acting was strong, the romance was turned on its head from usual romances, the effects were good, there were some nice action sequences.

It was a bit stiff for me, and ill-served by the Snyder aesthetic, but I don’t agree with the notion that it was a hit and praised just because it starred a woman.

As for Ethan Hawke, I tend to agree with him that these superhero films are not great (certainly not if Bresson and Bergman is the bar), although I still like them. I’m not totally sure what he was getting at with that point, and as it was the last question in an otherwise very thoughtful interview I wonder if what followed was trimmed for length. But, I don’t think he was wrong.


With both Wonder Woman and Black Panther, people said the success was due to the woman and POC leads, and I think that added a nice layer for sure. But also what it says to me is people just like worlds with a rich mythology behind it. Whether it’s Themyscira or Wakanda or Tolkein or Rowling or Star Wars.

This is something I would watch for with Aquaman, in terms of its financial potential.


I felt that way. I saw many comments praising for what Robert said. That’s why I claimed the movie is fine, but overrated.

On the other hand, the movie is at least free from Snyder/Nolan’s brooding, too serious style. Nice visual/special effects, some touches of humor, but the twist with main villain is terrible. If, they could better had Ares appearing out of nowhere, that at least wouldn’t spoil anything.


Absolutely, you only have to look a bit deeper at the appeal.

I live in Malaysia, a country where the African (or African descent) demographic is around 0.0001%, you could probably physically count them in a day on your own.

Black Panther made twice as much money as both Doctor Strange and Ant-Man and the Wasp. $10m versus $5m. It’s actually not very far from the ratio seen in North America.

It’s not possible to ever make the same comparison for Wonder Woman as women generally make up around half the population anywhere but for Black Panther that happened all over Asian countries with the same demographics.



That sounds interesting.


This is one time when it being a remake wouldn’t have been so bad.
It’s a simple one-off premise that can be redressed in all manner of ways.

A sequel? That raises my eyebrow.



Has anyone responded to this one?



Well Robocop was the best Judge Dredd film, so it kinda makes sense?


C[quote=“Lorcan_Nagle, post:1591, topic:11015”]
Well Robocop was the best Judge Dredd film, so it kinda makes sense?

When you put it that way…:grinning:


I’m not sure I see this being a success. The original was a flop when it came out, and I don’t think there’s anyone scrambling for a sequel without Russell or Carpenter.

Maybe if they keep the budget low, but it’s a The Rock movie, and they rarely do that.


He doesn’t even seem to be saying it’s a sequel but more of a spin off or cinematic universe entry.





Hahaha. I read that as Convention Queen not Confidence Queen. :wink:




That is an impressive cast, I hope it will be good. Not a fan of the director though.


This looks better all the time. Who doesn’t want to see Alec in Thomas Wayne’s Bat-suit?