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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel



As long as Statham punches the shark at some point, I’m there;

Trailer next week. :shark:


Well, it’s definitely not the kind as low-key as the novel is.

Man, I hope this is really good because I can’t wait to watch this in school. I’ll definitely read Fahrenheit this year with my English course.

I really, really love the moment he hands him the Metamorphosis in the trailer. The greatest thing about this is that it makes books look really, really cool in the way that only illegal stuff can be to teenagers.



Who didn’t the first time they watched it?


With The Breakfast Club specifically, she points to a scene where Judd Nelson’s character, John Bender, ducks under Claire’s desk, peeks under her skirt, and “it’s implied that he touches her inappropriately.”

Huh. I don’t remember that scene.

I do remember that they transformed the gothy girl into a Ringwald clone as a solution for her troubles, I understood even when I was fifteen that this was not a healthy portrayal of gender issues.





“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…”


Interesting that they seem to have dumped almost everything from the book other than a giant shark.


Only tangentially movie-related, but:

According to United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, the 36-year-old comedian and actor allegedly called 911 and told the dispatcher he was on Amtrak Train traveling from Washington, D.C. toward Penn Station in New York City and that a female passenger “has a bomb in her bag.”
The train Miller identified was stopped in Connecticut at Green’s Farms Station in Westport. All passengers were kicked off and bomb squad members searched the area. “No evidence of any explosive device or materials was detected,” according to authorities.

It was later discovered, according to authorities, that Miller was on a different train.

The attendant on Miller’s actual train stated that he “appeared intoxicated upon boarding in Washington, that he consumed multiple drinks on the train, and that he had been removed in New York owing to his intoxication. The attendant also advised that Miller had been involved in hostile exchanges with a woman who was sitting in a different row from him in the first class car,” according to the release from the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut.


Sounds like ol’ TJ is gonna find out what’s funny and what’s not, once and for all.



This reminds me of a good time.

Specifically Sahara. Must be the Rainn Wilson.


Maybe they finally got this formula right. However, my expectations are that this is a concept good enough for a funny trailer or Funny Or Die skit, but not enough for a whole movie.

Low, low, lower than “Snakes on a Plane” low expectations.


I didn’t have many expectations for Snakes on Plane, but I think my hopes for this would be around what others felt about that one.

It’s cautious though, the whole thing with the kid and all might mean that this movie could drag itself down with unneeded “heart” scenes.


Now would be perfect time for my sequel - “Sharks on a Train.”


I wanna feed Dr. Doom to the big shark!


Sharks don’t ride trains. Gorillas ride trains.