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That’s sorta what happened with the TOS-era movies. After TMP over-ran its budget massively, the subsequent movies were produced on a shoe-string budget, with lots of money spent in a handful of key points, and massive cost-cutting everywhere else. For example: the enlisted uniform in Star Trek II through VI? They were the uniforms from TOS dyed maroon and tan. The savings there freed up the cash for the turtleneck and jacket uniforms the officer wore, which were fucking ace.


Yup and we know it can be done. There’s sci-fi shows on TV that look great. BSG did, the Expanse does.

Star Trek has never been at Star Wars level of popular appeal. Its best performing film ever is below the SW worst and it’ll never trouble the 2 billion mark.

If you just embrace that truth and plan accordingly it’s fine.


It went too far though. By the time they got to V they were really cutting their own throat rather than corners.

A ‘Star Trek’ movie can cost a comfortable $100m, which is still an astonishing amount of money when you really think about it.

But it would need a dedicated producer who wasn’t afraid to stick to that number and who would stand up to directors who demand more, even for good reasons.

Basically they’d have to run it like a TV show.


Oddly, V had the highest budget of any TOS movie aside from TMP. It cost three times as much as Wrath of Khan! They pissed a lot of money up a wall in pre-production.


I know it went through a fractious development process. My understanding is that the budget was never there for the story as written and the scale of the film was constantly cut back during post production. That comes from reading about the VFX side of things.


Oh yeah, there were a ton of effects shots that were half-discarded - there was a plan to do a shot zooming in from orbit to the surface of earth, coming to rest on Kirk climbing the mountain. It got scrapped for cost and complexity reasons. Meanwhile, The 'Burbs came out the same year and opens with basially the same shot.

And with all that, the movie still recycles effects shots from older TOS movies - every Trek movie between II and Generations recycles effects from older ones.




An interview with John Woo and his first US film, ‘Hard Target’.

He talks about problems, but either he’s very diplomatic or just very positive about everything.


I love this little nugget of a fact:

Third: Universal was worried enough about Woo’s capacity to handle an American crew that it hired Sam Raimi to shadow him on set, instructing him to step in and take over if the director faltered. (Instead Raimi would become Woo’s fiercest defender, even getting into a shouting match with execs to defend his autonomy.)

That’s such a cool move by Raimi.

Well, it does come across that he hated working with van Damme, even if he’s being very diplomatic about it. He just says that he doesn’t regret working with him because he’s an “interesting guy”, and then he lists a number of things that show what a dick he was.


Just think how amazing that would have been with Kurt Russell. :disappointed_relieved:


Has there ever been anyone who enjoyed working with van Damme? He sounds like a nightmare.


I’ve heard his co-star on “Double Impact” thought he was awesome.



Kyle apparently…




Hawke does populist movies like ‘The Purge’ as well as arthouse. If he’s feeling a bit run down because his arthouse films don’t get the same love then that’s just life.


He’d make a fine Mr Sinister.


The Purge was a $3M dollar movie. Comparing it to a big superhero blockbuster isn’t really fair.

The only real big-budget movie I can think of him doing is the remake of The Magnificent Seven, not counting a cameo in Valerian.


Well he is in ‘Sinister’.

I don’t think he’s making that comparison though.

If he’s being quoted correctly (always uncertain) then his real beef is not popularity or budget it’s the perception of quality. He thinks a film like ‘Logan’ is over rated as a film.


That was a fantastic interview, I thought. Of course it’s been stripmined for that one sensationalistic soundbite.