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You know, I won’t be all that sad if this incarnation of Star Trek movies is over. They all were alright space action movies, but they never felt like Trek to me, in spite of all the fan service.


Yeah, Star Trek Beyond would be a decent enough high mark to go out on should Star Trek: This Time it’s Probably not Whales fall through.


During TOS the Enterprise was every bit as much a character as the main cast. Kirk was in love with her, Scotty knew her literally inside out, Spock communicated with the computer brain, Sulu steered her, Uhura caressed her. Since Generations the ship proper lost all personality, It was as if the crew, and the Federation, simply ceased to care. It was now nuts and bolts, the symbol of scorn for not functioning perfectly, the over-lit and far too reflective fever-dream of fanboy visualization.

Everybody develops a love-hate relationship with their boat, no matter how small or large it is. This lack of attachment or the Enterprise being of any value is one factor whose absence is very loud.



I love this line from the article about some of the cast members:

Rosalind Chao ( Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ), Gong Li ( Memoirs of a Geisha ), and Jet Li ( Hero , both the movie and in real life),


She’s looks dynamic.

The film isn’t out until 2020 though.



What the actual fuck was that?


ARIZONA Official Trailer (2018) Danny McBride, Elizabeth Gillies Movie HD



Well at least they all get work in other films too.


Well, that, and it’s in COLOR!


I think it has potential.
But I secretly fear it’s like 40 minutes too long.



Lea Thompson was on Scorpion in a recurring role as a mom who was quite the sharpie. She hasn’t lost her acting chops!


She also appears to have an ageing portrait of herself in her attic.


It’s the Hallmark Movie of the Week money.