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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


They need all the help they can get though.


They could put Gunn on Suicide Squad 2 or New Gods or really anything at all. Because DC movies can use all the help they can get.


Only if they do King’s Mister Miracle. I don’t think Gunn is the one for that though. :wink:


I didn’t even know they were making a Legion Of Super-Heroes movie.


That’s not a shitty enough property. He needs something like JLI that he can really inject some creativity into.


Wait…wait…just give him Justice League 2 proper and have him work the magic on the Legion of Doom.


Oh, sweet summer child.


Giffen’s L.E.G.I.O.N. was pretty much today’s Guardians before Guardians was even a glimmer in Marvel’s camera lens. Lobo would be an obvious breakout character. They should try to get Hugh Jackman for him.

However, I think Gunn might be sick of superheroes and space for a while.



He should concentrate on bringing Stray Bullets to HBO.


What was that other project he was producing, that had its announcement cancelled when all the Disney stuff kicked off? Was that ever confirmed?

(I know there were rumours it was a Nameless adaptation.)


Hasn’t been spoken of since.


Are you trying to piss David Meadows off?


This move was orchestrated by ABC to drive ratings for the Oscars, supposedly, but I don’t see that working in any real way. It comes across as a kind of embarrassing and a shameless way to get Marvel an Oscar.

I would think there is a conspiracy but that can’t be the case. Anyway, now to look up which company owns ABC and which company owns Marvel and Star Wars…


He’s Dewey in the Ducktales reboot, Leonardo in the new TMNT series on Nickelodeon and now Sonic. That’s three characters associated with the color blue so far.


It’s been in development hell for ages…



So - “I may not be smart or good at what I do, but at least I’m popular!”?




They’re always worth reading, but they’re also the Hollywood establishment, old white male demographic personified.

And they ramble.


FLEMING: So how do you fix the awards? I still like the proposal that WME agent Robert Newman made a couple years ago to The New York Times. During the broadcast, begin eliminating one Best Picture contender after another, heightening the tension down as the list winnows to a couple finalists. It’s done all the time with network reality talent shows. This would at least swing the big category back into focus, between all the political Trump-bashing speeches, which likely has much to do with polarizing the audience and getting so many in this country to not even bother tuning in. And how about letting the public know the voting results?

But let’s face it. If Lowe, Snow White, and that Tweeting accountant couldn’t kill Oscar, nothing can.


Also, coach the contestants to tell us “it’s been a journey” and how much they love their moms and/or disabled siblings. And have a hilarious montage of the year’s truely dire movies at the end while they are counting the phone votes.