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A lot of true crime stories aren’t really very interesting.

This one is;

The article opens in 2001 in Rhode Island, as a million-dollar check is delivered to a man who said he’d won the $1 million grand prize after collecting Monopoly pieces attached to food products, defying the 1-in-250 million odds and modeled after the venerable board game that the piece says was invented as a warning about the destructive nature of greed. A camera crew was dispatched to hear how the man won, and they chronicled his series of lies. They were FBI agents closing in on a sting that began with a tip about an “Uncle Jerry,” who’d sell stolen game pieces. Solid detective work unearthed Jerry Jacobson, a head of security for a Los Angeles company responsible for generating the game pieces. It led to a wide conspiracy that involved mobsters, psychics, strip-club owners, drug traffickers and a family of Mormons who falsely claimed to have won more than $24 million in cash and prizes.


Turkish Airlines Safety Video… with characters from #TheLEGOMovie, #TheLEGOBatmanMovie & #TheLEGONinjagoMovie



Which reminded me I have not flown since the advent of cell phones.

Small blessings!


Why? Essentially nothing has changed as you have to switch the cellphone off which is remarkably similar, if not exactly the same, as not having a phone at all before they were invented. :smile:



Nah. Now I have to listen to the yammer about devices. I get on a plane, spot the doors, cry for what my poor knees are going to have to endure, and try to pick out the people who are going to get in my way when the plane starts crashing.

I’m an optimist.


If you travel frequently by plane like I do it all fades in the background. They say the same thing every time, it’s on video now because it’s less humiliating than the whole plane ignoring the hard working staff making an effort to demonstrate.

Phone off. Life jacket is under the seat. Follow the lines to nearest exit. Don’t wear high heels to go down the slide. Don’t smoke in the toilets, there’s an alarm.

There you go - job done. :smile:


It just struck me odd. I guess the last time I flew was here to L.A., not much more than a commuter flight. I actually had a guitar with me (handled nicely by Southwest) on a fairly sparsely populated flight. Here to Cali and back I basically take the train.


Both Coogan and John C Reilly look great.


I like that John C. Reilly’s upcoming movies are Stan and Ollie, Holmes and Watson, and The Sisters Brothers. Wreck-It Ralph 2 should really be called Ralph and Felix or something.


The Asylum makes it’s rip off of ‘Overlord’

But its not like ‘Overlord’ doesn’t look like a direct to dvd movie that somehow attracted a big budget.





Interesting report. It implies this is because of a lawsuit against Depp for allegedly attacking someone, but doesn’t come right out and say it. So they don’t actually know why?

The trailer didn’t look like a film I’d rush to see. Well made of course, but I have a problem with unsolved crime films. I don’t think they ever work properly, there’s no conclusion.

This doesn’t matter to some people, but it maters to many and I’m one of them.


I’m actually looking forward to taking my son to the Bumblebee movie.

It basically sounds like they’re remaking Short Circuit with a Transformer.

I’m ok with that.


I can’t imagine the movie being any more fun that watching so many of my friends get upset that it’s apparently Blitwing and not Starscream in the trailer.


My boy was really interested in the trailer when we saw Teen Titans Go!. The first Transformers movie was so terrible I turned it off within 15 minutes and haven’t seen any of the others but I may have to take him to see this one.