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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


Alien Lincoln?






Aster has written the script for the new film with Lars Knudsen producing. The Wicker Man-esque plot will follow a young woman who joins her boyfriend on a summer trip where things quickly go awry thanks to a local pagan cult.

Pugh is great. Looking forward to the Le Carré mini she’s doing with Park Chan-Wook too.


Pugh is great, but Hereditary had maybe the worst 3rd act of any movie I’ve seen in years so I’m not looking forward to anything by that writer/director at this point.


I felt similar. I thought as a family drama it was amazing but none of the horror stuff worked that well and was super familiar. (Though I’ve since read that it started as a family drama and he was encourage to add the horror element to get it made.) I think he’s got a lot of talent as a director though so I’ll be curious to at least check out whatever he does next.


That would make a lot of sense, because the 3rd act felt like it was out of a completely different movie. The family drama aspect was really well done. There was a good movie in there, but the guy should probably stay away from horror, because those bits weren’t good. So that he’s following it up with a movie involving a pagan cult makes me want to steer clear.


A very family focused pagan cult though.


I hope this means he’s being looked at to play Mercutio.
He’d be amazing as Mercutio.





There have been at least two movies on the robbery already.

Both of which my dad has watched, so I can be sure he’ll watch this one as well.


What’s his ranking so far?


Both watchable, but the second one was better. It had better known actors and a bit more money.


When they get up to the 20th version he can write a book analysing them all. :smile: