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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


I’m already seeing wave after wave of “All of Fox’s X-Men Movies were trash” takes on all my social media.


This was a fun diversion for a few minutes.



They’re trying to spin this really hard in the article, but this is what it is; Warner Bros looking to guarantee that they don’t lose money on a film they don’t think will make money in theatres.


See also: Annihilation.


That was a much smaller movie though, and they kept US rights. This one they’re just getting rid of.


It may even be quite good, but badly timed.


This movie looks fascinating and highly informative:


Just wow.


My politics are 180 degrees from his, so anything I say could come across as just a knee jerk reaction to that but… that looks bad.

It looks like a parody in fact.

To me, in the UK, he’s sort of a Nigel Farage equivalent; out of his depth but with a dedicated fan base that loves his message and doesn’t look too closely at the details?

If Farage had made a film about the evils of the EU it would probably have been a lot like that.


Ah. Revisionist history meets revisionist news. How they got the stock footage without dealing with the commie Democrat Fake Media I have no clue. Probably lied.


Bizarre. I wonder if they’re aware of the title and its similarity to Birth of a Nation.


It’s a Dinesh D’Souza joint. It’s almost cetianly a deliberate reference.


That’s not Natlie Portman.

Next they’ll be trying to kid us that Clark Kent is really Superman :roll_eyes:


Anyone in Dublin who wants to go see a great documentary, my cousin Donal’s film about his father, documentarian Art McCaig is opening in the IFI on the 10th of August

I saw it when it showed in the Dublin Film Festival in the spring and it was amazing.



All I can say about that is that’s a pretty awful Lincoln impersonation.


I saw a cave in east Malaysia the other day that did a better Lincoln impression than that.



No, it was Lincoln.