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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


He should be one of the thieves.



Quentin Tarantino is recreating my adolescence in a frighteningly accurate manner! That certainly is Hollywood Boulevard, as it was! I’m shocked I’m not in this!


Kristen Stewart doing a rare big studio movie.

Hopefully it’ll work out better than the last one she did, Underwater, which probably won’t be released anytime soon, on account of her main co-star in it: TJ Miller.

Banks’s Pitch Perfect 2 wasn’t very good, but I’ll keep my hopes up for this.


A full length Popeye movie would probably be too much. It runs against the grain of the character.

I would like to see a Goon animated film, though.


I think Al Pacino is playing you.



Oh, he is. He is.


The Americans helping the Russians?!?..Bit far fetched :yum:



But will LL Cool J return?



Haha, in replying to Miqque I completely skipped over Paul’s post by mistake.


I didn’t see this posted yet. It looks like a fan film and will likely reduce the chances of getting a Superior movie any time soon. :frowning_face:




It was really posted in the DC film thread where I had a similar thought.


I think they mean “looks cool”.


I think they mean, “click here so we can sell more advertising”.


“Lucy Cola?”

Is this being made in a non-English speaking country?