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Movie News and Trailers 2 - The Sequel


That’s how I recall it as well.

Regardless, I can’t wait for Glass. Loved Unbreakable and Split; I expect Glass to be just as fun.


I’m really, really shit at spotting twists, I don’t really watch stuff with that kind of analytical mind and am often surprised reading threads here later that this and that is incredibly obvious and I never saw it at all.

I guessed the one in The Village after about 10 minutes.


And it makes the story and the performances much richer.


I mean, when I saw the trailer for The Village my first thought was ‘there are 2 really obvious twists he could go with for this story.’ So I was pretty shocked when he went with both of them and it was super obvious the whole time, even though the film thought it wasn’t.


Alita’s eyes still don’t work for me. I wish they’d just cast an actress and left the anime look to animated films.

The rest of it looks like it could be fun.

Regarding ‘The Village’, I like it, and I liked it back when it came out. I think Shamaylan fell into a trap of his own hype and believed everything had to have a twist and that twist had to be part of the marketing of the movie.

Unfortunately that meant that spotting the twist as early as possible became a thing for the audience to do, and that undermined the films.

Despite that, he’s got a lot of talent, and I’m glad he’s had a bit of a comeback.


That Alita trailer shows the story to be a lot different from the manga. Still not 100% sold on her eyes (and even then it works in some shots), but it looks great otherwise. Every other character from the manga looks just about perfect, even in the case of the ones who aren’t slavishly recreating the look of the original like Yugo.



I agree on both counts.

I feel like I might get used to the eyes after a few minutes though.


I still haven’t seen The Village. In part because I also thought of the probable twists while watching the trailer and had it confirmed by someone shortly after release.


The Village still worked as a story about those characters. When you compare it to After Earth, The Last Airbender, The Happening and Lady in the Water, it feels a lot more complete as a film. It’s kind of amazing that one filmmaker can have so many great movies on one hand and just as many absolutely terrible movies on the other, BUT every movie he makes obviously carries his stamp.


The movie is much better knowing the twist.
The actors, the story, and the characters feel much more tangible and impactful on rewatches.
Hurt and Gleeson are masterful in retrospect.


Where as Brody and Howard are pretty awful. They make the film a real chore to get through.


She was aight.
Worse in Lady in the Water, but the whole ingenue thing was done pretty decently here.


That’s definitely a better trailer for Alita: Battle Angel. The eyes are still weird. But i do like the action that we’ve seen.

I don’t see why there’re releasing this at the end of December though. Putting it up against Mary Poppins, Bumblebee and Aquaman just feel like it’s got no chance of finding an audience.




Spoilers for the real history;

Peterloo is one of the dramatic events that didn’t have a lot of immediate effect on events. It was part of pushing reform forward but it didn’t topple a government or lead to immediate reform. Things actually got worse afterwards, as the establishment tried desperately to hang onto their positions and power.

It’ll make for powerful viewing, but the end might be a bit anti-climactic.

But we’ll see.